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Business Process Management (BPM)


Adeptia provides web-based Business Process Management capability designed to MODEL, AUTOMATE AND MONITOR business processes. It is complete, powerful and easy to use.

High Value Solution

Adeptia helps companies and organizations to design, automate and improve workflows and thereby drive efficiencies. It offers a powerful business tool for business analysts and managers to document, control and monitor critical processes and then improve them. It also offers IT staff an easy and simple way to deliver highly complex process management for changing business needs. It is a fully capable BPM solution that offers the following capabilities:

Business Process Management (BPM) software suite
  • Web-based product that just needs a web browser to use. No need to install software on your computers. Managers, Business Analysts and Process Participants all access the solution through their browsers.
  • Process Modeling to allow process analysts to easily and quickly document business processes in a collaborative way. Process models are exported into PDF format for distribution, approvals and archiving.
  • Process Simulation to calculate costs and timing parameters of current and to-be processes. See affects of changes to the process and resources.
  • Automate Workflows to ensure your business processes are being executed in a consistent way all the time.
  • Notify Process Participants automatically when tasks are assigned or due and allow them to manage and work those tasks.
  • Rich and Dynamic Forms to show pertinent information in workflow tasks.
  • Integration with Web Services and other protocols to access information when needed.
  • Very rich and capable application integration capability that is not even matched by dedicated integration middleware products.
  • Monitor and track running processes for better visibility and control.

Flexible, Risk Free Approach

Adeptia's BPM capability is ideal for many types of use cases:

Business Process Management (BPM) Software Suite
  • Many companies and teams just want to start by properly documenting their business processes and rules. They may also want to run process simulations to understand what their real process costs are, identify the bottlenecks, resource utilizations and affects of making changes to the team.
  • It is also perfectly suited for those organizations that have many processes involving a lot of business users that they want to automate but are worried about making a large financial and resource investment.
  • Full confidence, control and security that comes with knowing your processes, rules and data are secure within your network.
  • Adeptia's BPM capability can be tightly integrated with other internal, back-end and legacy applications. This allows your internal applications, databases and documents to be available and accessible to the Adeptia BPM application for higher degree of process automation and for a more seamless experience for your users.
  • This solution is also ideal for automating those processes and workflows that involve external entities such as agents, suppliers and partners.
  • Finally, this solution is ideal for those organizations that are interested in either exploring the benefits of Business Process Management by starting small or are ready to move to the next level by committing to an enterprise-wide strategy on changing their processes.

Key Features

Adeptia BPM solution is a high-value application that offers the functionality needed for a complete Business Process Lifecycle – MODEL, AUTOMATE, and MONITOR. Adeptia is a rare Business Process Management vendor that offers the complete BPM functionality in an on-demand platform. Please refer to the product datasheet here. The solution features can be segmented into those three categories:


  • Process Modeler is a web-based design and modeling tool to help business analysts easily create and document their business processes in a highly graphical, intuitive way. The designed process can be exported to a PDF format document for sharing and archiving...Read More
  • Process Simulation is a built-in simulation system in the Process Designer. It allows business analysts to apply timing, resource and cost parameters to the designed business process and then run an analysis to identify the bottlenecks and see how the process may be optimized and improved...Read More
  • Rules based Routing allows complex business processes with complex rules to be specified such that routing of workflow tasks and information can be affected automatically in the process flows at run-time.


  • Workflow Automation is available in the Adeptia BPM solution to allow manual human workflow tasks to be automated. This allows business users and process participants to interact with running process flows.

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Suite - Process Designer
  • Forms Designer capability including easy design of rich, dynamic Web 2.0 forms is included in the Adeptia BPM.

  • Portal functionality including management of users and roles and their relationships, permissions based access and secure login access are some of the capabilities included in this solution.

  • Document Management is included in the Adeptia BPM and it allows users to upload and download documents securely and then track documents related to the various instances of the process flows.

  • Web Services in an important capability that is fully supported and included with the Adeptia BPM. Web Services client allows, within any process, an ability to access any web service and exchange data. Web Services provider is also available to expose any business process as a Web Service to other applications.


  • Task Manager is pre-built into this BPM solution to allow business users to see which tasks are waiting for them, their priorities and their due dates. Managers can see the Task Managers of their subordinates and they have the ability to reassign tasks if needed.

  • Activity Monitoring is available to allow users and managers to track the running and completed process flows and tasks as well as view the task queues of the users.

  • Reports and Dashboards are included in the Adeptia BPM to allow creation, generation and delivery of rich reports in various formats based on custom pre-defined templates.

Security and Control of On Premise Application

Adeptia offers this option of licensing Adeptia BPM solution for internal deployment within your environment to ensure confidence, control, security and compliance of having this application under your team's supervision.


As noted above, Adeptia BPM (Business Process Management) is a complete solution that helps companies fully automate their business processes. Some of the main benefits of the Adeptia solution are:

  • Ease of Use: Adeptia has really made the work of designing and automating process flows as simple, easy and painless as using Powerpoint or Visio. Everything is graphical and wizard-driven, there is no need for any coding. This makes the advantages and benefits of BPM accessible to everyone.

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Software Suite
  • Fast Time to Market: The ease of use and collaborative environment in Adeptia significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate a business process. The designed process in Adeptia is automatically “runnable” so there are no extra steps needed to execute and test a process flow.

  • Rapid Implementation: The ease of use and collaborative environment in Adeptia significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate data flows. Adeptia offers pre-built data flow templates for quick configuration and deployment.

  • Cost effective: Adeptia BPM is attractively priced and is available on a subscription pricing model. This significantly reduces the size of the budget needed and also reduces the risk of trying BPM. This is another factor that makes the advantages and benefits of BPM accessible to everyone.

  • Ease of maintenance: Adeptia is based on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. This increases reusability and simplifies the process of making enhancements and changes to business rules.

Problems Solved

Adeptia BPM is a flexible software product that is an ideal platform to create many types of process solutions and address different types of business needs. Business Process Management solutions offer a number of business benefits to companies. Some of the common uses of the product are listed below:

Business Process Management (BPM) Software
  • Process Design and Modeling: Often important business processes and rules are not documented and they reside in people’s minds. This leads to dependence on certain key individuals who understand these rules, ad-hoc and inconsistent processes, improper application of the rules, and a large training challenge when new hires come in. The solution is to document the high-level and detailed business process flow, the business rules that are involved in the process flow and the tasks and related decisions in the various steps of the flow. Adeptia BPM provides an easy to use, web-based tool to do this effectively.

  • Process and Workflow Automation: Once the business process flow is documented it is natural to try to automate it. This is especially important for business processes that are repeatable and have a number of manual work steps and rules. Automating these processes is very easy with Adeptia.

  • Operational Efficiencies and Improvement: Many organizations know they have inefficient and manual processes that lead to slow work, mistakes and poor customer service. Fixing this is important because that leads to improved quality, operational efficiencies and increased productivity. Adeptia BPM is particularly well-suited for these types of initiatives.

  • Gaining Competitive Advantage: In any competitive industry, it is imperative to find ways of gaining tactical and strategic advantage. An important way to achieve this goal is by constantly working on making small, incremental improvements in processes by automating them more and more. Over time, this will build into a much more tightly run, well organized, highly automated operation that has a strong competitive advantage over its rivals. Adeptia BPM solution is designed to allow easy changes in current and new processes to make them better.

  • Consistency in Business Processes: An organization projects maturity, reliability and trust by ensuring that the business processes and rules that it executes are run the same way every time and all the time. This is only possible if an automated solution such as Adeptia BPM is utilized to design, model, execute, manage and track business processes.

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