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ETL Suite


Adeptia ETL Suite is a comprehensive solution that provides a powerful data conversion capability. This is a graphical, easy to use software that supports ANY TO ANY conversion.

  • Flat file to XML
  • XML to CSV
  • Any Database to XML
  • Excel to Database
  • XML to EDI
  • HIPAA to XML
  • HL7 to XML
  • Date format, string, numerical conversions etc.
  • And any other combination

Adeptia ETL consists of three distinct components. It has a web-based “Design Studio” that provides wizard-driven, graphical ability to document data rules as they relate to validations, mapping and edits. This tool includes a library of functions which can be pre-created and reused again and again. Data Mapper has a "preview" capability to see actual source and target data, while the rules are being specified, if the source data file is available.

The second component is the “Central Repository” where all the rules and mapping objects are saved. The third component is the “Run-time Execution Engine” where the mapping rules and data flow transactions are executed on incoming data files and messages.

ETL Software, ETL Tools

This is enterprise-class software that is centrally administered and managed to ensure smooth performance and uptime. Detailed logs are maintained and audit trails are available to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley. This product is standards-based and it leverages Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and process-based approach to create flexible and loosely coupled data flows that suit any aggregation or data warehousing solutions. It is ideally suited for an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) scenario.

ETL Suite offers a powerful middleware application to document, automate and execute critical data processes especially for creating and populating data marts from various internal or external data sources. This allows data to be received from multiple sources in different formats and mapped to a common database schema. This enterprise-class software allows companies to centrally manage their data schema and mapping rules in a central repository and directly archive those rules in PDF documents for easy sign-off.

This product has the following key components:

  • Design Studio is a web-browser based collaborative environment for IT staff and business analysts to collaborate to design, configure and manage data flows
  • Services Repository is a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based library of reusable objects such as data flows, schemas, mapping rules, workflow tasks and web services components that have been created using the Design Studio.
  • Execution Engine is a run-time component that triggers, manages, routes and tracks the running of the data flows.

ETL Tool, Integration Tool, ETL Tools

Key Features

Adeptia designed and developed ETL to focus on rapid implementations through its ease of use and cost effectiveness for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) type of scenarios. The Adeptia ETL Product includes the following capabilities:

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Software Suite

  • Process Designer is a web-based design tool to help IT staff collaborate with business analysts (if needed) to easily create and document their data flows, routing rules and business processes in a highly graphical, intuitive way. The designed process can be exported to a PDF format document for sharing and archiving....Read More

  • Data Mapper is another web-based, graphical design tool that makes it really easy to specify data conversion, validation and data cleansing rules to process the incoming data. Even very complex rules can be easily specified without writing any code. The Data Mapper supports Any-to-Any mapping which means the transformation rules can be applied where sources and targets can be in any format. This tool includes a library of functions which can be pre-created and reused again and again. Finally, the Data Mapper has a "preview" capability to see actual source and target data, while the rules are being specified, if the soruce data file is available.....Read More

  • Data Schemas and Transport capability is included to support processing of data in any format whether it is Text or CSV, XML, any Databases (such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Suite, DB2, Sybase), EDI, HIPAA, ACORD AL3, any Fixed-Length file format, or any other format. Any format can be a source or a Target in a data flow. Adeptia also supports all the data transport protocols to connect with various applications and systems. ...Read More

  • Monitoring System and process flow monitoring feature offers a consolidated view of Suite resources, users logged in and all the processes that are currently running....Read More

  • ETL Software, ETL Tools
  • Custom Service Plug-in capability allows important extensibility in this solution because any existing external programs, in any programming language, can be plugged-in as a service in the Adeptia ETL and can be reused at any time in any data flows. This allows organizations to leverage existing work and move their existing interfaces into a "services-based" solution where everything can be centrally managed.

  • Multi Platform Support is available because Adeptia Suite has been developed on Java/J2EE platform allowing it to be deployed on any operating system. Adeptia Suite install packages are tested, certified and available for Windows, Linux, and other Unix platforms such as Sun Solaris providing maximum flexibility for customers.

  • High Performance is important when processing bulk data and Adeptia ETL is designed to easily handle very large data volumes in a robust, efficient and graceful manner. ...Read More


ETL Software, ETL Tools
  • Document and formalize data flows and mapping rules
  • Enforce data validation rules by specifying them in processes
  • Ensure data flows are constant and repetitive, not ad-hoc
  • Trigger data flows based on real-time or scheduler events
  • Specify error-handling rules and manage exceptions
  • Leverage technology investments by extending functionality of existing systems
  • Enhance customer and partner relationships by making it easier to do business with your organization

Problems Solved

Adeptia ETL is a flexible software product that is an ideal platform to create many types of data connectivity solutions and address different types of data integration needs. One of the common uses of the product is listed below.

ETL Software, ETL Tools
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for Business Intelligence (BI): Data analysis for business intelligence requires information to be aggregated from multiple sources into a data warehouse. Adeptia ETL has been used by many customers in an ETL scenario to collect data in different formats, using different protocols and then normalize the data into a target database for later analytics. ...Read More

  • Data Conversion: Adeptia ETL is ideal for converting XML, Text or Excel files to a database. Mapper contains Math, String, and Conditional functions to convert data to any output format. This solution is also perfectly suited for database to database conversion. ...Read More

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