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Detailed Comparison Matrix of ETL Solutions

Informatica Powercenter
IBM  DataStage
Microsoft SSIS
  Pervasive Data Integrator
Talend Integration Suite
Pentaho Kettle  Enterprise
 Easy to Use
 Web-based UI
 Multi-role Team Collaboration
 Process Centric Approach
 Enables SOA
 Reusable Services Repository
 Single-install,Light Footprint
 Large Volume Performance
 Clustering and Job Distribution
 Data Partitioning
 Automatic Recovery of Flows
 XA-Transaction Rollbacks
 Meta-Driven Approach vs.Code
 Built-in Scheduler
 Real-time Triggers
 Non-RDBMS Connections
 Web Services Client
 Publish Flows as Web Services
 Join Multiple Sources
 Split Data Streams
 Graphical Data Mapper
 Complex Transformations
 Data Validations
 Preview Source Data In-Design
 Run Mapping Rules In-Design
 Library of New Mapping Functions
 Complex Lookups
 Automatic Documentation
 Human Workflow for Error Handling
 Plug-in External Programs
 Alerts and Notifications
 Version Control
 Deploy in Cloud Option
 Commerical or Open Source

  • The content in this comparison matrix has been collected by reviewing publicly available information. Some of the products may have newer versions with updated features. If you have information to help us correct and update the data in this table, please send us an email at

Enterprise ETL Vendors

IBM DataStage and Informatica are examples of Enterprise ETL solutions that have extensive background and experience in the ETL market with their ability to scale performance in handling very large data volumes in complex, heterogeneous environments. These products provide comprehensive features and functionality and so require extensive training to use effectively. Other solutions in this category are Oracle Warehouse Builder, SAS Integration Server and Business Objects Data Integrator. Considering the cost and the effort required in implementing these solutions, they are typically best suited for large, complex, enterprise-wide business intelligence scenarios in Fortune 1000 organizations.

Open Source ETL Vendors

On the other spectrum of the market are the Open Source vendors that offer ETL solutions which are now maturing into viable technology alternatives. Talend, Pentaho and CloverETL are examples of solutions available in this category. These providers typically offer a version of their software with a free, open-source license, however, most users find those editions to be too limited for real-life situations. They also typically offer a commercially licensed-version which is more feature rich although it is the same code as the open source, but includes support and warranty. Early adopters of Open Source solutions are typically independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) who view these solutions to be attractive alternatives to writing custom code.

Where does Adeptia fit in?

Adeptia ETL Suite is a commercially-licensed packaged software that is targeted to the mid-market and large enterprises that need a good, easy-to-use solution for typical integration and ETL requirements. It is designed to build integration flows very quickly by reusing existing components. It is ideal for creating and centrally managing data flows from within one tool, rather than writing ad-hoc programs and scripts.

Adeptia provides rich functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparative solutions. Adeptia provides technical documentation, as well as training and support options. Adeptia has been in business for 10+ years and its commercial license approach also addresses any risks that customers may associate with open source software.

This may seem as an incredible value given all the functionality that is available in this product as shown in the table above. But this is true, and we welcome you to validate this for yourself.

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