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As Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption has grown exponentially over the last few years, many customers using hosted applications have started asking the SaaS application vendors to provide data integration and connectivity capabilities. For various reasons, mainly driven by business needs, customers are looking to tightly integrate their data in the SaaS app with their on-premises back-end systems and databases. Adeptia offers an easy to deploy and cost-effective solution for integrating customers data with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

This easy to deploy SaaS Integration solution allows customers to maximize the value of their investments in the OnDemand applications. This improves their access to critical business information by giving them the ability to efficiently move data into and out of hosted applications.

This solution, for the first time in a single product, allows companies to automate complete business processes including workflow tasks that involve integration with SaaS Applications. Adeptia’s BPM capability allows automating a business process where interfacing with SaaS application is only one of the many tasks involved in overall process.

Adeptia’s data integration software is ideal for companies trying to integrate with OnDemand applications because it offers:

  • Ease of Use: Graphical, wizard-driven, point-and-click approach to creating and deploying integration flows. No coding or programming required.
  • Rapid deployment: Adeptia accelerator includes pre-built flows, templates and connectors that just need to be configured to connect back-end systems with SaaS applications.
  • Reliable connectivity to many types of applications and data formats.
  • Process-centric, Services-based (SOA) approach that allows automation of a business process involving On Demand applications rather than just moving of data.
  • No hardware appliances need to be purchased, setup and managed. Adeptia requires just a quick software download and install on any computer.
  • Attractive and cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model lowers initial investment and risk.

SaaS integration, cloud integration

Adeptia's SaaS Integration solution addresses all the following four types of scenarios:

  • Automate Integration between On Demand Applications On Premise applications
    Adeptia allows easy setup of either real-time or scheduled (batch) integration flows between SaaS apps and back-end systems. These “deploy-and-forget” flows run automatically in the background to share information and require no manual intervention except to handle exceptions and errors. These integration flows can be bi-directional, so data can move in both directions into and out of the hosted applications

  • Automate business process involving SaaS applications
    Adeptia’s Business Process Management capability allows automating of a complete business process where interfacing with the hosted application is only one of the many tasks involved in overall process. So, human workflow tasks can be added into the overall flow for business users to interact with data and allow them to validate information before it is synchronized, correct errors and exception and take decisions. This provides more automation and control than just moving of data

  • SaaS Integration
  • Data replication of On Demand application
    Since customer information is vital for any company, it is imperative that this data be in control and possession of the company at all times. Adeptia provides an automated replication capability to copy and save this data behind your firewall from where it can be easily backed-up and recovered.

  • One-time data migrations to and from SaaS Applications
    Initial migration of existing customer information and data is usually the first step for new SaaS customers. Adeptia offers wide range of application and format support for mapping and transforming data to meet these needs.

Integration solutions for SaaS Vendors

As SaaS and Cloud computing adoption grows over time, availability of viable integration options will be expected by customers of any SaaS provider. SaaS vendors who proactively take steps to implement a well-thought out integration strategy will be better positioned than those who treat it as an after-thought. Adeptia offers a number of options to SaaS vendors to help them meet the integration demands of their customers:

  • SaaS vendor provides integration services
  • SaaS vendor publishes XML/Web Services interface
  • SaaS vendor refers customers to Certified Partners

Adeptia offers a comprehensive and proven Process-centric, SOA-based approach to integration. It leverages new technologies and approaches to provide a code-free, easy to deploy solution that delivers an unmatched low cost of ownership.

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