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With Adeptia’s B2B Integration solution, business teams can use pre-existing templates to configureEDIinbound and outbound transactions. Adeptia supports traditional EDI standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT as well as a variety of proprietary standards such as NACHA, BAI, SAP IDoc (both flat file and XML versions) and other formats & protocols including direct JDBC database insertions, JMS message queuing, REST/SOAP web service calls, AS2, SFTP, Email, and flat file formats.

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Adeptia Connect provides a client-facing access to business users to configure and automate data exchange with Partners and Customers. By using Adeptia Connect’s out-of-the-box, self-service interface, business users can set up data exchange and automate the transfer of data between Customers (spokes) and a Carrier (hub).

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Adeptia is a business application that provides a very easy and intuitive way for your company to setup EDI transactions with your Trading Partners. Whether the data is inbound or outbound, whether you want to integrate the data with SAP ERP IDocs or backend databases, Adeptia’s browser-based user interface allows your company to start exchanging data with your Trading Partners in minutes.