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Customer data integration (CDI) is a process that integrates and manages data about your customers gathered from different sources. It enables you to kickstart sales and create new revenue streams by identifying customers’ needs and requirements, mindsets, and pain points, so you can focus on marketing to and satisfying customers. 

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Being legacy-bound, financial organizations often remain behind the curve when it comes to attempts to digitally transform. In the last few years, because banks and other financial institutions worked to manage a complex and uncertain economic landscape, many digital transformation efforts were refocused on critical digital consumer-facing solutions or products.

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When data is inaccurate, missing, or outdated, the organization’s business teams are forced to make less-than-ideal decisions on behalf of colleagues, clients, and prospects. 

Addressing the foundation of the problem requires improving the end-to-end process of data collection from different source systems, storing it in a data warehouse, and then exchanging it with myriad downstream applications. 

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Each day more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and that number is continuously growing. For financial organizations that number represents an untapped potential to garner actionable insights, unlock novel business opportunities, and manage the competitive landscape. 

At the same time, the needs and requirements of business customers are changing continuously.