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Data is being transferred, exchanged, and moved between businesses more frequently than ever before in the current disruptive times. Because of this, problems such as delays or data errors or modifications related to formatting, structure, and content can be significant bottlenecks with costly consequences for mid-and large-sized companies. 

The problems worsen when traditional data integration methods are used.

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The accelerating pace of technological change in healthcare impacts more than medical procedures: just as healthcare units are making attempts to provide the best quality patient care and experiences, so, too, are healthcare leaders striving to unlock opportunities presented by big data and data integration to garner actionable insights, and spur growth.

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The way companies do business and deliver value to customers is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Business workers and employees expect to be able to access data whenever and however they want, customers demand to receive the promised value sooner, and executives need to enable their employees to operate while reducing costs.