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Every business has developed the habit of collecting complex data streams that are generated from their business, say, warehouse status, transactional, social media, etc. These collected data streams may range from multiple formats and structures but the end-objective of businesses is to integrate these data streams for delivering insights and ultimately driving value.

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Pharmaceutical companies today are experiencing ever-growing challenges. This includes the need for increased products and drug launches, expedited patient outreach in a highly virtual world, and the rapid advancement of personalized medicine and therapies. 

All of these challenges need Pharma organizations to get smarter.

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A big technological shift has hit healthcare systems. And the impact can be seen everywhere. 

The impact of the technological change affects more than medical procedures: just as healthcare providers are attempting to ride the wave of innovation to provide the best care to patients, so, too, are healthcare giants striving to leverage benefits of the opportunities presented by big data and data integration, harnessing information to garner valuable insights and grow revenue. 

Only 56 per cent of healthcare units can rely on utilizing all their data streams properly.