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Developing user experiences, integrations, analytics, cloud applications, and machine learning models are the top priorities for IT leaders. 

According to IDG’s 2021 state of the CIO report, the five top initiatives that drive the most IT investment include business analytics (39%), security and risk management (37%), cloud-based enterprise applications (32 %), machine learning (25%), and customer experiences (30%). 

That’s a tall order for IT leaders and CIOs.

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The old adage of “know your customers” is also still as true today as it ever was. And with consumer demographics undergoing rapid transformation, businesses need to stay up-to-date with “what customers expect.”

It has taken many smaller transformations to create the higher-level transformation.

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Customer data onboarding is one of the most challenging problems faced by both Information Technology (IT) staff and business users. As companies seek to implement automated, recurring data exchanges with their customers, they are often encumbered by time-consuming barriers.