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Adeptia provides an easy way for the business users to create custom reports. In this example, I will go through the steps of how to create a report that provides Shipment delivery status along with its associated Purchase Order and Invoice for each transaction.

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If the steps of file processing are common across all types and are well defined, as a best practice it is important to have one template/dynamic flow process files.

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In this use case we will go through the steps needed to integrate CRM events with your Outlook 365. In this scenario, a new event in Siebel is automatically synchronized with your Outlook 365.

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This example shows how you can consume any web service through the Adeptia Solution. Specifically, we are showing how you can create a front-end Web Form

to send parameters as a SOAP XML request to a Web Service and then get its SOAP XML response, transform it to a non-XML format and route it to an email target.