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As most of the Apps and software development companies are moving to APIs the risk of data breach has increased manifold. This is due to the fact APIs serve the gateways to the application and sensitive customer data it holds.

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Adeptia allows companies to integrate their instance of Nexxus Marketing application with external systems and data sources.

As part of creating rich workflows to exchange data with Nexxus API, Adeptia fulfills several important business needs, including:

  • Integrating data from external data sources into the Nexxus Marketing database and applying your own data definitions and data transformations.
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In this document we would cover how users can implement, publish and share APIs with your customers and partners.

There are three overall steps to follow in order to setup a fully functional API architecture.

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At Adeptia, our mission is to provide our customers with a B2B methodology to manage large and diverse customer networks in a way that allows them to grow effectively, leverage their existing workforce, maximize profits, and provide a superior customer experience.