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An API Management Platform is a software solution that is used to manage your entire lifecycle of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from design, through deployment, and beyond to production use and management.

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If you’re trying to land customers and close deals, one of the biggest obstacles you face is a lengthy sales cycle. In the fast-paced world of business-to-business (B2B) transactions, time is of the essence.

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CIOs and other leaders are constantly looking for new ways to leverage technology and data to transform businesses. But before you can think about garnering insights or creating delightful customer experiences (CXs), you need to connect and standardize all of the data across your entire application landscape. 

From established on-premises systems to newly adopted SaaS applications and data, integration is a critical step toward digital business transformation

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Businesses across the globe are advocating for connected experiences, which is one of the main prime objectives of Digital Transformation (DX). Business-to-Business integration helps organizations streamline their digital transformation journey by creating a network of data sources, applications, and devices that thrives on communication, collaboration, and connection.