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Selecting robust data integration solutions is only the beginning of the journey to put healthier, more accurate data at the center of your business. Using healthy data to deliver the value promised to customers and create new revenue streams isn’t just about the software you choose–you should also incorporate a good digital transformation strategy to organize your teams and ensure that you can leverage data to deliver value quickly, securely, and easily. 

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IT teams are more burdened than ever due to increased requests and ever-advancing organizational growth. Ongoing disruption has impacted the situation even further. Companies are facing the demand to perform and complete more tasks with a faster increase in projects, but with fewer resources and a decreased budget. 

The result is IT integrators and data analysts are now spending most of their time playing catch-up rather than on development or innovation.

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Changing times have transformed how customers think, what they expect, and how they function. Customers want to receive the value promised to them, but they also want control and the reassurance of accessing information and self-managing their ongoing digital interactions — all without having to wait.

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In order to transform your retail ecosystem and become more customer-centric, you need to focus on areas that make a world of difference in shaping customer experiences. 

Being the lifeblood of any retail company, your business customers expect a great deal from the industry, especially with all the changes shaping habits and the economic landscape in general.

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When computing and evaluations began shifting from enormous mainframes to smaller, distributed systems, these systems needed a highly stable means of communicating links. One of the first methods, electronic data interchange (EDI), helped systems share and exchange data in well-defined formats.