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Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers were not engineered to handle the rapid shifts in the market dynamics and demands patterns we all see today. The disruption in the business world is resulting in urgent efforts to adapt supply chains, whether by reimagining the way partner or customer data is handled, updating purchase orders (PO) and changing merchandising plans or by reallocating inventory and working capital to point them where they are needed most.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integration is often a hot topic of discussion at growing organizations. It’s obvious that a close knit, integrated ERP system has a plethora of benefits, such as streamlined processes, increased operational efficiency, and improved customer success score, but integrating all aspects of an ERP system across the enterprise has its own set of challenges and doubts.

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Business ecosystems, a new way to revolutionize existing business paradigms, or a vacuous phrase used loosely as nothing more than a decorative idiom?

The answer to this question lies in the manner businesses are deriving value out of their ecosystem.

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A proactive approach to data compliance helps organizations alleviate risks, additional costs, and form strong relationships with stakeholders, thereby accelerating revenue and growth.

Understanding the essence of data compliance in today’s digital world is highly essential, as companies that fail to comply with the essential data protocols or formats could impose serious costs on business.

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The world of business is changing. The environment of manufacturing and service industries has become more and more competitive, and an increasing number of SMEs have recognized the importance of designing, planning, and implementing an updated supply chain management tool to tap the synergy of inter and intra organizational integration, gain visibility across the business ecosystem, and improve customer interactions.