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Adeptia provides an easy-to-use browser-based interface for business users to setup HIPAA and X12 transactions with multiple trading partners. Suppose you are part of a large Dental Insurance company and have a need to automate the exchange of HIPAA 834 Benefit Enrollments, HIPAA 837 Claims, HIPAA 276/277 Claim Inquiry transactions with health care providers.

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Companies looking to automate HIPAA data processes often face multiple integration challenges such as managing inbound and outbound data feeds from external trading partners, connecting to backend EMR/EHR systems to perform patient updates, and providing a web-based reconciliation platform in the form of dashboards and web-forms to the healthcare service providers and carriers to resolve issues related to patient data or out-of-sequence policy changes.

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Adeptia helps clients increase their clear rate by identifying and correcting Claims errors before they are processed. In addition, our ability to support human workflow allows your business users to quickly identify, correct, and resubmit Claims in minutes.