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A proactive approach to data compliance helps organizations alleviate risks, additional costs, and form strong relationships with stakeholders, thereby accelerating revenue and growth.

Understanding the essence of data compliance in today’s digital world is highly essential, as companies that fail to comply with the essential data protocols or formats could impose serious costs on business.

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2018 was a pivotal year for enterprises looking to turbocharge their business data handling. With business data being the lifeblood of enterprises, the theme was to accelerate data onboarding and support it with enterprise integration initiatives.

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Adeptia is a business application that provides a very easy and intuitive way for your company to setup EDI transactions with your Trading Partners. Whether the data is inbound or outbound, whether you want to integrate the data with SAP ERP IDocs or backend databases, Adeptia’s browser-based user interface allows your company to start exchanging data with your Trading Partners in minutes.