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Our partners are an integral part of our approach to delivering strategic business value to customers.

Technology Partners

Adeptia offers an integration framework with pre-built connectivity to applications of Technology Partners as an optional, value-added offering for their customers.

Time, money, and customer experience are of critical importance for hosted application providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to develop solutions to effectively manage business challenges faced by their customers. Many ISVs spend a significant amount of time and money developing the core framework and functionality for their products, which sometimes limits their ability to enhance those solutions to keep pace with customers’ demands.

This usually manifests itself in the form of the ISV application working very well in isolation but not being able to seamlessly connect or work in conjunction with the existing systems that the customer deploys. This shortcoming often leads to longer deployment cycles and delayed ROI.

Adeptia invites ISVs to join Adeptia Partnership for Success (APS) program to expand their revenues and opportunities by using Adeptia’s comprehensive technologies. Adeptia’s uniquely combined business process management, integration and Web services technologies significantly reduce the time required for ISVs to deploy Business Process Integration solutions. The resources provided through the APS program are exactly what ISVs need to serve the broad needs in today’s markets.

As partners, ISVs and Adeptia will work together to offer compelling products and services that facilitate expansion of targeted markets and lead to mutual business success. Benefits to ISVs or Software Partners

As part of technology partnership with ISVs, Adeptia can enable them to integrate their products with their customers’ existing applications, resulting in:

  • More license revenue by making their products unique, attractive, and valuable for their customers when paired with Adeptia’s integrated BPI, BPM, and Web services technology.
  • Enhancement of their solutions with the industry’s most complete BPM solution that uniquely combines robust integration and effective process management capabilities.
  • Value from partner-only resources including training, support, and sales and marketing tools.
  • Facilitation of full functional value of their products to customers.

Value Proposition for ISV and OEM Partners

  • Integration framework: Adeptia’s products can be bundled up with ISVs’ range of solutions to offer their clients a quick and easy framework for seamless information flow between software applications within and across the business enterprises.
  • Competitively priced comprehensive technology: Enterprise, partner integration, and business process management technologies at a fraction of cost compared with any similar products in the market.
  • Faster onboarding of customers: “Configure, not-code” approach enables new customers to be provisioned and turned-on more quickly by simplifying the time-consuming integration activities.
  • Provide more value and faster return on investment by integrating ISVs’ applications with the back-end systems of their customers.
  • Elegant way for Application Service Providers (ASPs) or Hosted applications to provide data exchange and synchronization of the hosted software functionality with their customers’ existing systems that reside behind their firewalls. This eliminates problems related with multiple data copies, manual data entry and the online applications not being in sync with the other systems.
Bob Scarborough

Powered by Adeptia, our On-Demand Integration solution truly achieves the ability to integrate from anywhere to anywhere, pulling data from a customer site or receiving incoming data. We link small and large data transfers across the globe into a unified solution. With Adeptia, integration across applications in the cloud — as a true off-the-shelf service — has been realized.

Bob Scarborough

CEO, Tensoft

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