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By putting the customer data integration process in the hands of business users instead of IT workers, and by accelerating onboarding by 80 percent, Adeptia’s self-service onboarding solution gives companies the power to reach more of their addressable markets. Pre-built application connectors, reusable partner connection templates, and a simplified UX that resembles a business application (rather than a developer coding environment) empower your non-techie business users to implement new customer data connections and onboard customers faster, eliminating the backlog and alleviating the bottlenecks that make it difficult to take on new accounts. And because you’re not throttled by the scarcity of IT data integration experts, you can ditch those artificial constraints you’ve imposed on marketing and sales.

The ease and speed of self-service onboarding also gives your company the ability to delight customers with drastically shorter onboarding times. The result? Those happy customers promote your company by telling others that you’re easy to work with and that you deliver results (and value) quickly, which impacts future sales with additional customers in your existing markets. What’s more, thanks to the streamlined, easy onboarding process that comes from self-service data integration, potential customers are more likely to sign on sooner, with less scrutiny, fewer questions and objections, and easier proof of concepts. This accelerated selling process reduces your sales time and costs and gives you the bandwidth to reach corners of the market you were unable to before.

With Adeptia’s self-service onboarding solution, your company will be able to expand your sales to reach more of your total addressable market (TAM) without adding costly IT data integration experts or dealing with lengthy—and expensive—sales cycles.


Adeptia enabled us reach the larger end of our market by cost-effectively equipping our business users with the capability to easily integrate new business customers and their complex and diverse data formats and data access protocols.

Leader, Group Plan Operations, Top 10 Life Insurance Provider

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