Case Study

Case Study

Business Services: Business Users Empowered with Self-service Client Onboarding

  • Automation

A leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry was finding client data connectivity to be a major issue. It was not uncommon for the onboarding of new clients to take four to six weeks, with faxes, emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls making the process burdensome for both the payroll company and their clients. All the client data for every employee had to be checked and re-checked for accuracy — working hours, overtime rules, workers’ compensation, insurance plans, 401k withdrawals, and more. Even when a client was finally onboarded, the challenge didn’t stop, as daily updates were required to modify existing records.

Adeptia has transformed how daily operations and client relationships function at the payroll company. For example, because Adeptia Connect uses a “configure, no code” approach, business users can easily configure new profiles via user-friendly wizards. It is no longer necessary to wait for IT to perform coding tasks with expert programmers. IT, on the other hand, can concentrate on providing appropriate governance and control of the system, without getting involved in day-today operations.

Download this Case Study and onboard new customer data quickly and automate manual operations while maintaining existing relationships effortlessly.