Case Study

Case Study

Behavior Analyst Certification Board: Integration Solution Enables Reliable Data Transfer

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No More Custom Coding- How BACB Used Data Integration To Spur Business Growth


Customization is a buzzword in I.T. nowadays, but it has its dark side as well – especially when it comes to custom coding. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) can attest to that fact. BACB is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services. Their credentialing services are supported by several mission-critical systems, including a website, a customer relationship management (CRM) product, and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

In 2015, BACB approached Adeptia to explore new integration solutions for their systems, because the custom coding they had in place had raised insurmountable barriers to their business growth.


As a result of complicated custom coding, BACB’s systems were not flexible and were inhibiting business growth.


Adeptia provided a data integration solution that met BACB’s criteria for ease of use, price, security, connectivity, internal hosting, swift implementation, support expertise, and a wide range of features.

The Gordian Knot of Custom Coding

In the course of the certification process, BACB collects data from multiple sources via their website and other channels, including education data from applicants and universities (degrees, coursework completed, etc.), and examination data from third-party providers (when the applicant took the exam, test scores, etc.). This data is reviewed, and an email is generated that goes to a variety of internal and external recipients.

Aruno Johnson, IT and Project Management, BACB, explained the core problem: “Our CRM product was originally ‘off-the-shelf,’ but it had been highly customized for us and tightly integrated with our website. As a direct result, our biggest challenge had become stability.

If the website crashed, so would the CRM. Our email sending service was unreliable, so our internal and external customers might not get the information they required. If we initiated a change in a business process or in one of our supporting systems, something else would inevitably break.”

The small BACB IT team was constantly putting out fires. Difficulties were compounded by the fact that they were heavily dependent on an external developer to handle the complicated systems. They had no visibility into the system or the custom code that drove it.

But that wasn’t the biggest issue. BACB was experiencing rapid growth. “Business processes were changing, but our systems were not. That was really the tipping point,” stated Johnson. “We had expanded beyond the single developer model. We needed to decouple the various parts of our process – our website, our CRM, our ERP – so that we could really see what was going on, manage the various parts better, and replace systems as needed.”

BACB had quite a bit of replacement to do. They had outgrown their CRM, and their website required a major update to meet the business’ needs and objectives. They needed better communications with their third-party partners. It was time to cut the Gordian knot composed of custom code, and replace the tangle with a simple, streamlined solution.

Selecting a Streamlined Solution

BACB carefully outlined what they needed in a data integration solution:
Easy to use. BACB’s IT resources were very limited. Any solution would have to be easy to implement and intuitive to use.
Cost-effective. As a non-profit, BACB had budget constraints they needed to work within. Secure. With all the cyber threats present today, BACB wanted to ensure security throughout their system and communications.
Pre-built. BACB wanted a solution that was pre-built to connect with their primary systems to avoid a repeat of their custom coding issues. • Internally hosted. To maximize control and oversight, BACB wanted to host their solution in-house.
Quick to implement. Due to the pressures of business growth, BACB needed a relatively short estimated time to production.
• Feature-rich. A wide range of features was desired, so that the solution could grow with the company.

BACB examined multiple alternatives, including Boomi (Dell), Iron Cloud (Oracle), and IBM. However, they felt that these products would not meet all the stated criteria. “We had to have something that was easy to maintain and didn’t take up a lot of resources,” said Johnson. “These products didn’t fit the bill.”

Johnson recommended that Adeptia be considered as a potential provider. Adeptia’s data integration solution fit all of BACB’s criteria, and more. Johnson confirmed, “What it really boiled down to was customer reviews — not our reviews, but external customer reviews. Adeptia had a great reputation for the comprehensive nature of their solution, their excellent training capabilities, and their supportive development team. We knew that if we ever hit a wall, we would be able to reach out to Adeptia and get the help we needed to move forward.” Longevity also played a critical role: Adeptia was a proven force in the industry, rather than a start-up firm with no history.

Finally, Adeptia was able to provide BACB not only with the data integration software they needed, but also with implementation services. Raman Singh, Director of Sales Engineering, Adeptia, explained, “We are a business application. Even a junior IT person can operate our product after training. However, we recognize that many clients – such as BACB – are simply too pressed for time due to other strategic projects to perform an implementation. We then can step in to swiftly implement our integration solution.


With the deployment of Adeptia’s application integration solution, BACB was able to seamlessly connect their systems, ensuring reliable transfers of communication and data with third-party providers, and guaranteeing flawless connectivity with the company website. With rock-solid reliability in the systems, BACB’s IT team could begin leading the organization forward, supporting the company’s expansion with confidence.

Positioned for Growth

Adeptia’s integration solution connects CRM programs like Salesforce and NetSuite, storage programs such as Dropbox, enterprise programs like SAP Business Objects, and countless proprietary programs used to manage everything from shipping to social media. In BACB’s case, Adeptia was tasked with synchronizing data between a Microsoft CRM and NetSuite, ensuring reliable transfers of communication and data with thirdparty providers, and guaranteeing flawless connectivity with the company website.

The resulting integration was straightforward and seamless. The initial phase of deployment was completed within seven business days. “The big ROI for us was that we were able to put systems in place that worked and were reliable. That is definitely a game-changer for us,” affirmed Johnson.

That reliability has had a tremendous impact within BACB. One of the biggest effects within the IT department was being able to shift from a reactive to a proactive stance. Johnson stated, “We are a small department. We want to be leading the organization, not pulling it back.

We can do that now because we’re not so heavily focused on troubleshooting data issues.”

This new confidence and perspective has opened the door for business growth. “One of the biggest things we were able to do was let the rest of the company begin its expansion ahead of the system’s expansion. We knew that the system was going to be able to support the rest of the organization,” said Johnson. “And it did — there was a lot of expansion within the company. In fact, one of the things the system did that we didn’t expect was it actually demonstrated internal areas where we needed growth, so it gave us an added benefit in that regard.”

“We are a business application. Even a junior IT person can operate our product after training. However, we recognize that many clients — such as BACB — are simply too pressed for time due to other strategic projects to perform an implementation. We then can step in to swiftly implement our integration solution.”
– Raman Singh, Director of Sales Engineering, Adeptia Inc.

Certified for Success

Adeptia’s solution at BACB continues to evolve. Johnson noted that Adeptia has created a true relationship with the company. “This wasn’t just a hand-off. Adeptia has come back to us several times with new modules, new upgrades, and new capabilities. Adeptia Connect™ is one we are looking at very strongly for our partners.” Adeptia Connect will allow BACB’s partners to share data with them, which is a value-add for their customers.

Johnson concluded, “There will always be change as we make modifications to our backend systems. Now, we don’t have to worry about how we will handle those changes, or if they will be problematic. We wanted a good, solid, ongoing integration piece, and Adeptia has been proving that out.”

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