Case Study

Case Study

How Adeptia Helped a Property Management Company

Enterprise Integration Platform for Property Management Company

“We are assured of complete scalability and confident that new connections can be added at any time without custom coding or complexity.”


Managing more than 850,000 residential units in 46 countries is daily fare for a global property management software company. However, they knew their task could be made easier with smooth and seamless data integration.

The property management company works with over 12,000 property managers worldwide. Their customers submit data in a variety of formats, including spreadsheets, CSV files, and Access database export files. But that’s not all. The company has five primary competitors, each of whom has seven different import templates. The company needed to be able to accept files generated by all these competitors’ software products in order to help property managers who wanted to switch from a competitor product.

Historically, the property management company converted all these file types manually to put them into an Excel format that could integrate with their proprietary property management software. To address this, they began using a competitors’ software for data integration. This worked temporarily, but as the company grew and the number of file types they needed to convert expanded, they hit a wall. The competitors’ software didn’t go far enough, and the property management company would need developers to write custom code to facilitate the necessary data integrations. Since they didn’t have developers on staff and didn’t want to outsource coding, they began to look for a new solution.

Connecting with Ease

Google came to the rescue when a routine search query pointed the property management company to Adeptia Connect, an enterprise integration platform designed to help companies be more agile by making it easier for their customers and partners to make data connections. Adeptia Connect acts as a customer or supplier portal, allowing an organization to provide connection options and then create and manage data interfaces. The data that is received is then automatically mapped to the company’s own backend systems.

The property management company signed up to test Adeptia’s integration platform. The initial interactions with Adeptia Connect were so user-friendly that the company entered into conversation with Adeptia to create the connections they needed to facilitate exports from their competitors’ products.

Carlos Escabalzeta, Sales Engineer, explained, “We encourage clients to grow with us: to tackle specific, targeted needs first, and then expand their connections to further develop their customer base, enter new markets, and improve customer satisfaction.”

Adeptia worked with the property management company to create the 35 new connections they needed to handle exports from their five competitors’ products in the seven different import templates. “The company appreciated the fact that we are easy to do business with and very responsive to questions,” said Escabalzeta. “We didn’t simply help them create the necessary connections: we developed enhancements based off of their requests that streamlined their process without requiring any changes to the templates they or their customers were using.”

Penetrating the Market

With all the connections in place to handle not only standard file formats but also their competitors’ unique file formats, the property management company is better positioned to penetrate the property management market. Escabalzeta stated, “The company can easily show a prospective customer the value they bring since they can instantly import and export data in any file format. They don’t have to rely on a generic demonstration with dummy data to prove the benefits of their company; they can take a prospect’s data and use that real-world example to make their case.”

Onboarding new customers can be done in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days or weeks, since the connections already exist and simply have to be accessed. There is no frustrating back-and-forth dialogue between IT teams to try to setup new data connections, nor does the customer need to make any modifications to the systems they already have in place.

Manual data entry is completely eliminated for the property management company, as well. Since the data is perfectly mapped from the customer’s export files to their property management software, there is no costly delay or potential for data entry errors.

Positioned for Growth

With Adeptia Connect fully set up, the property management company estimates that they save thousands of dollars every month by avoiding the need for custom coding, freeing up internal resources from manual tasks, and reducing the complexity of their daily operations.

“With Adeptia Connect supporting customer onboarding, comprehensive data integration, and the ongoing flow of data, the company is well-positioned to expand their customer base. They have the assurance of complete scalability and the confidence that, at any time, new connections can be added as needed without custom coding or complexity,” said Escabalzeta.

“We can easily show a prospective customer the value we bring since we can instantly import and export data in any file format.”


A property management company needed to be able to accept data in a variety of formats, including formats generated by competitors’ software products.


Using the Adeptia Connect enterprise integration platform, Adeptia created the 35 new connections needed to handle exports from five competitors’ products in seven different import templates.


With Adeptia Connect, the property management company can:

  • Use real-world data in product demonstrations to win new customers
  • Onboard new customers easily
  • Eliminate manual data entry and human error
  • Avoid the expense of custom coding
  • Scale their business rapidly