Case Study

Case Study

EPM Music: Adeptia Improves Speed, Accuracy, and CX

The EPM Music Story

EPM Music automates systems with Adeptia and increases management quality and efficiency without outside consultancy or custom coding. EPM Music is a Netherlands-based music promotion and distribution company that has created a solid footprint in the digital content industry since its beginning in 2004. Digitally distributing content from artists and labels across the globe, EPM provides management services to some of the biggest names in electronic music by helping them maximize their digital revenue potential. EPM Music is a hub of music knowledge and industry expertise focused on providing a broad range of services to artists and labels who demand and expect more from their digital content aggregator and distributor.


  • Needed to automate data transformation and consolidation
  • Needed to eliminate time consuming and error-prone manual data entry
  • Needed an easy to use and maintainable solution for managing a large number
    of quickly changing data flows
  • Needed solution that did not require custom coding or technical IT training

The Adeptia Solution

  • Process-centric functionality for every integration requirement
  • Comprehensive automation through the entire data flow process
  • Code-free, graphical interface for easy development and management
  • Cost-effective and immediately available