Case Study

Case Study

EPM Music: Adeptia Improves Speed, Accuracy, and CX

Leading the Revolution Integration

EPM Music automates systems with Adeptia and increases management quality and efficiency without outside consultancy or custom coding.


EPM Music is a Netherlands-based music promotion and distribution company that has created a solid footprint in the digital content industry since their beginning in 2004. Digitally distributing content from artists and labels across the globe, EPM provides management services to some of the biggest names in electronic music by helping them maximize their digital revenue potential. EPM Music is a hub of music knowledge and industry expertise focused on providing a broad range of services to artists and labels who demand and expect more from their digital content aggregator and distributor.

As innovative pioneers in the digital content industry, EPM has predicted and grown with the fluctuating needs of customers in the ever-changing digital music marketplace. Recently, their successful launch of the EPM Label Management System was designed around the requirements of labels and artists for the flexible management of their online releases. As the innovative industry leader in integration and business process management, Adeptia provided the ideal platform for EPM on which to standardize and automate their system


  • Needed to automate data transformation and consolidation
  • Needed to eliminate time consuming and error-prone manual data entry
  • Needed an easy to use and maintainable solution for managing a large number of quickly changing data flows.
  • Needed solution that did not require custom coding or technical IT training


  • Process-centric functionality for every integration requirement
  • Comprehensive automation through the entire data flow process.
  • Code-free, graphical interface for easy development and management
  • Cost-effective and immediately available


  • Increased the speed and volume of content distribution to online stores
  • Reduced the number of manual errors through automation
  • Achieved higher levels of efficiency and accuracy
  • Increased service offering and customer satisfaction

Meeting the Needs of the Customer

EPM Music needed an automated solution which would provide comprehensive functionality throughout the entire digital management process. Previously, the manual data entry had been time consuming and error prone, and the distribution to hundreds of online retail outlets with differing specifications for ingesting content with associated metadata had required multiple applications for data transformation and consolidation.

“Adeptia’s robust and versatile solution exceeded our expectations in both performance and value for money.”
– Sander van Loosbroek CTO EPM Music

“Adeptia executes the core business process of the customer and has enabled us to scale up our capacity.”
– Melle Boels Content and Delivery Manager EPM Music

When customers upload new content to EPM, this data is stored in multiple formats that require various critical processing steps before they can be sent out. The process involves reading the database, selecting individual files, using specific settings based on what store the data is for, locating the audio, copying it into a directory being polled by an Audio Conversion tool, polling the directory where the new file will be dropped, moving it to the final location, performing a checksum on the file, storing the data so the target party can ensure the file is correct, converting associated artwork into the appropriate format and including it in the target files, preparing an XML file containing the metadata of all included files, and sending the completion notification by e-mail EPM needed an easy to use and maintainable solution for the automation of this entire process.

The Adeptia Solution

Rather than embarking on a costly and time-consuming custom coded solution, EPM sought a third-party platform that would allow them to automate and manage this process themselves. They found their ideal solution in Adeptia’s ESB Suite.

With Adeptia, EPM’s data flows are fully automated with complete functionality. EPM is now able to specify in a web interface what content needs to be delivered, and the data delivery process is automatically triggered.

EPM analyzed and rejected alternatives such as Altova MapForce and Allora after finding that these tools were limited in design and lacking in a process-centric approach. The major rejection point was also that these products required custom coding by experienced IT Staff in order to automate the data integration.

Adeptia reached much further in its offering by fulfilling all data transformation requirements in a comprehensive manner, providing EPM with the ability to manage the process as a whole with little programming effort. Adeptia’s Integration Server is built using a codefree, graphical interface and allowed EPM to manage these automated flows in an easy and cost effective manner.

“Adeptia has proved to be a robust and versatile solution that we continue to integrate with different aspects of our business,” said EPM CTO Sander van Loosbroek. “Pricing was an important aspect of this investment and Adeptia exceeded our expectations in both performance and value for money.”

Maximizing Value for the Present and Future

Adeptia’s cost-effective integration solution allowed EPM to maximize the value of their investment within days. Since automation, EPM’s content distribution has increased in speed and volume, resulting in more efficient management and higher levels of customer satisfaction and success. The number of mistakes and errors due to manual processes has also been minimized. Adeptia’s solution has been easy for EPM staff with non-IT backgrounds to manage and maintain, allowing the company to expand their services and their overall value.

Adeptia has helped EPM address initial integration needs as well as provide flexibility for scalable growth into the future. After becoming more aware of the capabilities of the product, EPM has seen more and more use cases for Adeptia to add value at various points in the organization.

“Adeptia has helped us to scale the company to the next level in terms of throughput and service,” said Melle Boels, Content and Delivery Manager at EPM. “Adeptia executes the core business process of the customer and has enabled us to scale up our capacity.”

About Adeptia Inc.

Adeptia is the leading provider of integration solutions that enables organizations to meet the full range of their integration needs using a single, tightly integrated platform that supports data, application, B2B, and process (BPM) integration. Adeptia is perfect for organizations facing diverse and complex integration challenges that require a high level of agility to keep pace with rapidly changing business needs. Adeptia is 100% web-based, designed for maximum collaboration between business and IT and eliminates the need for programming.