Case Study

Case Study

Wiser: Streamlined Connectivity Speeds Integration

Getting the Right Price Is Big Business

Wiser, a leading e-commerce service provider, delivers valuable pricing intelligence data to its clients. It processes sensitive inventory and pricing information and automatically shares it with clients’ IT environments, which typically consist of applications like NetSuite and BigCommerce. The service provider realized that its existing data connectivity approach was insufficient to transport huge data volumes and critical information without involving manual effort.

A mechanism was required to seamlessly integrate Wiser’s e-commerce application with clients’ IT environment and automate the flow of data. To meet Wiser’s B2B data integration needs, Adeptia offered a ‘one-to- many’ integration approach.

Adeptia’s solution offered streamlined connectivity to pull and push business data without involving manual effort. A full-fledged business process was established that enabled clients to publish shared connections for instant integration between clients using different applications (NetSuite, Bigcommerce, etc). This feature saved time and effort involved in creating, managing, and adding connections.

Read this case study to learn how Adeptia solved this multi-integration challenge for Wiser.