Getting the Right Price Is Big Business

Getting the Right Price Is Big Business

A One-to-Many Integration Approach Streamlines Ecommerce Pricing Solution

“Instead of managing hundreds of point-to-point connections, we only needed to manage just a few shared connections.”

Case Study

Multi-Platform Application Integration

A tremendous amount of competitive research goes into effectively pricing products for the marketplace. Fortunately for retailers, that research doesn’t have to be done one product and one competitor at a time. Instead, many turn to a leading e-commerce Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider to do the research for them.

The e-commerce service provider’s application takes inventory and pricing information from a client, then compares each product to the same or similar products across the market. The result is price intelligence data that can be used by the client to gain a competitive advantage, increase sales, and boost revenue.

Wiser, a leading e-commerce service provider, wanted to integrate their e-commerce application with their clients’ IT environments – most notably, with NetSuite and Bigcommerce. For example, Wiser needed to be able to extract inventory and pricing information from NetSuite, process that information through their application, and then update NetSuite automatically with the output.

Wiser had been testing integration products, but had been unable to find one that could easily pull and push the data as required. Manual intervention or checking were required during the process, which was not acceptable. Full automation with complete reliability was essential.

A Client’s Strategic Referral

One of Wiser’s clients had discovered Adeptia Connect and was amazed at the integration capabilities the solution provided. The client had been looking for a better way to connect with Wiser. With great insight, the client realized that Adeptia Connect could solve integration issues for all of Wiser’s clients – not just for themselves. They contacted Wiser and recommended a call to Adeptia.

When Wiser explored the capabilities of Adeptia Connect, they knew they had found the solution to their integration challenges.

Leveraging a One-to-Many Approach

One of the key points that attracted Wiser was the fact that Adeptia employs a one-to-many approach.

The typical way to connect with clients is to ask how they will send or receive information, then create specific point-to-point connections for each client. Therefore, if there are 500 clients with whom you need to exchange data files, you would create at least 500 individual connections. This is a nightmare to implement and manage because data formats and protocols change frequently, and new clients need to be added all the time.

Adeptia Connect provides a much more elegant solution with a one-to-many approach. Wiser was able to publish a Shared Connection (a pre-defined connection template) for NetSuite, Bigcommerce, and any other application their clients might use. Each Shared Connection enabled instant integration for every client using that application. As a result, instead of managing hundreds of individual point-to-point connections, Wiser needed to manage just a few shared connections. This dramatically simplified the time and effort involved in creating, managing and adding connections.

Full-Circle Satisfaction

Through Adeptia Connect, onboarding new clients is now a task of minutes rather than requiring weeks of tedious back-and-forth communications and custom programming. The e-commerce service provider can pull data automatically from NetSuite, BigCommerce, and other applications, map it to their desired file format, and drop it into an FTP site. They can then reverse the process to update their clients’ systems automatically as well.

Similarly, their clients have benefited by being able to enjoy Wiser’s price intelligence immediately, without a lengthy delay for integration. The ease with which Adeptia Connect can integrate with applications such as NetSuite and Bigcommerce is a significant competitive advantage that has drawn new clients to Wiser and increased their revenue stream.

“Onboarding new clients is now the task of minutes, rather than weeks.”