Case Study

Case Study

Mortgage Lender: Increases Productivity, Reduces Costs

  • Adeptia Connect
Loan Processing Solutions

Adeptia Helps Leading Mortgage Lender Drive Higher Cost Savings and Faster Time to Revenue

The ability to rapidly process loan data coming from different channels and formats is a key competitive differentiator for mortgage lenders. While mortgage lenders realize the need to have a strong B2B integration capability, it isn’t a “once and done” matter. Changes are needed to keep the systems aligned, and often, these changes need to be done by IT, resulting in a lengthy and cumbersome process.

A leading mortgage lender was already using Adeptia software for handling its complex integration setup but needed to give more power to business users for handling daily operations and to free up IT for more productive tasks. The solution was evident – Adeptia Connect in addition to the Adeptia software they were already using.

By complementing the existing Adeptia software with Adeptia Connect, the loan provider was able to handle changes faster and achieve consistent execution of goals with minimum cost overheads. The hybrid integration solution increased efficiency, productivity, and security by freeing up IT resources for high productive tasks and giving operational power to business users.

Read this case study to learn how the Loan Provider used a hybrid integration setup that included Adeptia Connect to achieve:

  • An estimated 30 percent cost reduction for processing changes to datasets
  • A huge drop in the turnaround time for changes
  • Increased security through a secure bridge and secure engine