Case Study

Case Study

Business Services Firm: Adeptia Delivers Stronger B2B Connectivity

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Removing the API Obstacle: A New Approach Easily Overcomes API Limitations


With thousands of customers utilizing its payroll services, a full-service Human Resources (HR) f irm was encountering a challenge. Many of the firm’s mid-sized customers wanted to connect via API to submit payroll data, but the company did not support any API capabilities.

API connections frequently cause issues for business-to-business (B2B) connectivity since APIs involve custom architecture, authorization policies based on metadata content, API keys, and constant revisions to the API code. Most API solutions rely on old-school programming and are designed for developers.


Customers wanted to connect via API to submit HR data, but the HR firm did not support any API capabilities.


Adeptia provided Adeptia Connect, a cloudbased integration hub with a pre-built library of connectors that incorporates API strategies along with XML, web services, cloud applications, portals, email, etc.


Through Adeptia Connect™, the company is able to:

  • Connect with customers using any B2B communication method, including APIs.
  • Shift internal resources from manual tasks to strategic priorities.
  • Eliminate data entry errors.
  • Empower business users to manage B2B communications directly.

Connection – Not Compartmentalization

Adeptia offered an innovative solution to the HR firm in the form of a business application, rather than a developer tool. The solution, Adeptia Connect™, is a cloud-based integration hub with a pre-built library of connectors. Adeptia incorporates API strategies directly into Adeptia Connect, so that APIs are simply another method of connecting along with XML, web services, cloud applications, portals, email, etc. Raman Singh, Director of Sales Engineering at Adeptia, explained, “As a business, you need to have a diverse B2B strategy that encompasses multiple methods in order to allow customers to connect with you, and you to be connected with your customers. This B2B strategy works best if it resides in a single application. Otherwise, you end up with siloed architecture and all the complexity that goes with compartmentalization, such as separate processes, separate applications, and separate support contracts.” The new solution was just what the HR firm was looking for as it matched their own business model and strategic vision: forward-thinking, service-oriented, and customer-friendly.

Automation – Not Manual Labor

The implementation of Adeptia Connect had implications and benefits beyond ease of connectivity for their clients. For example, the seamless connections relieved the time, effort, and cost burden that the HR firm’s smallest clients often caused because of their limited IT capabilities.

When a customer or vendor is low-tech, communications are much more resource-intensive for the larger, high-tech firm. It is not uncommon for the small firm to send data via email, or through an API or application that is incompatible with current software. Data from these sources must be validated and entered manually into the backend ERP system for processing. The chance for error increases, and the time and labor involved goes up dramatically.

By automating all B2B connections, including APIs, both high-tech and low-tech customers were able to easily connect with the HR firm through a next-generation customer portal, removing the need for manual intervention and eliminating costly data-entry errors. And the connections worked both ways: the HR firm was able to pass information back to all their clients, even those with the most limited IT capabilities, directly from their ERP system to the customers’ applications.

Configuration – Not Coding

Adeptia also positively impacted daily operations by enabling business users to partner with IT to own the B2B communication process.

Technology solutions were traditionally purchased, owned, and managed by the IT department at the HR firm, as is the case at most companies. But Adeptia Connect is a business application, not a developer tool. That enables business users to own the overall process, from onboarding new customers to managing the flow of information on a daily basis. IT maintains control and security, but because Adeptia Connect functions on wizard-driven configuration rather than complex coding, business users are able to operate the application independently.

“At Adeptia, we focus on streamlining business processes,” stated Singh. “We create user experiences that are not intimidating to the business user. The fact is, business users are very open to new technology. They want to be empowered in the processes and operations they engage in every day. We remove the obstacles and limitations of technology that have prevented business processes from moving into the 21st century.”

An Inclusive Solution

Changing the rules and mindset at the HR firm through an inclusive solution that was easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage was a game changer. With the ability to connect not only with APIs, but with any B2B communications method, the firm was able to enhance their reputation as a customer-friendly company committed to leveraging technology to build long-term relationships.

About Adeptia Inc.

Adeptia, Inc. is a software company that enables business users to instantly onboard customer data and automate manual processes. Adeptia’s revolutionary social cloud application for digital business connectivity enables businesses to fast-forward revenue, be easier to do business with and reduce operational costs. Adeptia helps Corporate IT manage this capability while retaining control and security.

Adeptia’s unified hybrid offering — with simple data connectivity in the cloud, and optional on-premises enterprise process-based integration — provides a competitive advantage to 450+ users, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA and with an office in New Delhi, India, Adeptia provides world-class support to its users around-the-clock.

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