Case Study

Case Study

TEC Services: Faster Customer Connections

TEC Analytics, a Division of TEC Services, Deploys Adeptia’s On-Demand BPM Suite and Generates Millions in Revenue for Debt Collection Agencies


TEC Services Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing real-world consulting and professional services to the Credit and Collections Industry. Their team of industry-leading professionals provides business operation and information technology consulting to businesses involved in the debt collection process.

TEC Analytics, a business unit of TEC Services, has paved a fresh path into the market with a valuable and comprehensive service which helps debt collection organizations make strategic decisions across the scope of the account lifecycle. Companies making debt collection decisions are faced with the complex task of processing large sets of data from varying sources in order to identify the best way of locating debtors or their assets. By applying analytics and expert knowledge, TEC consolidates performance data from third party scores and consults clients in order to help them make smarter sourcing and strategy decisions.

“We are committed to helping our customers make the most optimal and profitable decisions,” said Vice President of TEC Analytics Will Turner. “The challenge for our clients,” he said, “is in creating processes and strategies that do not remain static among the constant fluctuations in data vendor performances and the market. Our standardized approach to addressing complex business challenges allows us to optimize decision-making with our customers through the integration and analysis of the constant flow of data.”


  • To create a new transactional and predictive lifecycle debt collection management system from scratch.
  • To connect to clients and data sourcing companies using a variety of secure B2B file transfer protocols.
  • To connect to multiple internal and external databases and applications.
  • Needed Solution that did not require in-house technical BPM and integration expertise.
  • Needed to quickly onboard clients with custom requirements.
  • To make rapid business rule changes to match industry changes.
  • To start small with limited capital while laying the foundation for large scale and fast growth.


  • Immediately Available Subscription and cloud-based BPM deployment.
  • Comprehensive system utilizing aspects of ETL, ESB, B2B, and BPM to process large volumes of batch and transactional data.
  • Strategic and common repository of reusable data structures and services allowing for easy changes to complex business rules.
  • Application Designed by industry experts without technical expertise.


  • Client on-ramping reduced from 1000 to 20 hours.
  • Generated millions of dollars for clients.
  • Saved clients over 35% in their data expenditures.
  • Dramatic business agility.
  • Fast development cycles.
  • Less dependence on high-priced, technical consultants.

A Partnership Committed to a Shared Vison

“Our industry-leading experts at TEC recognized a huge gap in the ability of collection agencies to effectively source data vendors,” said TEC president Tom Sweat. “However, we needed to find a software vendor that could support our wide range of business process management, integration, and cloud requirements; and equally as important, a software vendor that would believe in our vision and commit to helping us achieve it.”

“We needed to find a software vendor that would believe in our vision and commit to helping us achieve it.”
The search for a committed partnership led TEC Services straight to Adeptia. “We want our product to be a foundational tool for our customer’s innovation and success,” said Deepak Singh, President and CTO of Adeptia. “It is important for us as a company to share our vision and to help our clients gain a significant competitive advantage.”

Comprehensive, Easy, Sophisticated and Fast

In the early stages of the company, TEC Analytics created individual custom databases which involved the complex mapping of hundreds of interfaces which were not applicable or re-usable for other projects. The contract resources for this type of single-use project cost up to $10,000 a week. TEC needed to implement a more efficient model that would create a central repository of reusable assets. In addition, TEC needed reliable software to serve as the gateway for clients using multiple collection platforms and to help them connect to different service providers.

TEC originally tried to utilize open-source tools to achieve this but quickly found that these tools did not provide enough functionality, processing power, or security, among other things. TEC needed to find a technology vendor that was affordable but fully capable of scaling with business growth

After months of researching alternatives, TEC chose Adeptia’s On-Demand BPM Suite as the engine to drive TEC Analytic’s offering.

TEC was ultimately sold on Adeptia because of its comprehensive integration functionality and its ease of use without the need for extensive management or technical training. “The fact that we could get everything through one partner without having to staff additional resources and manage operations was a big selling point for us,” said Mr. Turner. “It was much more efficient and less expensive to train our own employees on Adeptia without deploying or maintaining it ourselves.”

Given the constant fluctuations of data, it was crucial that TEC develop a flexible structure that could respond easily to new regulations and other changes in the industry. With Adeptia’s holistic platform, they are now able to make immediate system-wide changes with no programming effort.

“With Adeptia, we were able to create a very sophisticated, automated system in a short amount of time; and due to Adeptia’s comprehensive design and flexible SOA architecture, we have since expanded the system to meet new technical requirements and business challenges,” said Mr. Sweat. “The bottom line is that Adeptia enabled us to successfully bring a new service offering to the marketplace, generate millions in revenue for our clients, and rapidly grow our business.”

Adeptia Solution

In an effort to standardize individual client projects, TEC created a service repository using Adeptia for maximum reusability. They created common data structures to easily interface with data vendors and configure business rules, saving TEC and their customers a significant amount of time and money.

“It now takes us less than 20 hours of development time to on-board a new customer,” Mr. Turner commented. “Before, it would have taken 3 or 4 months, maybe even up to something like 1000 hours.” Using the platform TEC built with Adeptia, they’ve been able to standardize data structures that account for 90% of what they’re going to encounter. “We’ve gained the ability to onboard new customers quickly and without a lot of expense. That’s a huge part of what we get out of Adeptia, and, frankly, what our customers get out of us.”

They have since reduced data expenditures for their customers by 35 percent and generated millions of dollars in revenue. “Though Adeptia’s product can be used on a project-to-project basis, its lasting value lies in its capacity for standardization as a strategic part of customer development,” said Adeptia Director of Marketing Andy Griffin. Regarding the concept of re-usability, he added: “The more a standardized system is used, the stronger the process becomes as everything that’s added immediately becomes a re-usable asset for every new client that’s brought in. It’s a snowball effect of optimization of efficiency.”

Using this approach with Adeptia has been fundamental to TEC Analytics’ current and future success. “By investing more time up front to build common data structures and business rules in the form of reusable services, we created the platform that has now allowed us to see much larger returns,” said Mr. Turner. “Our investment with Adeptia has paid off hugely.”