How To Enrage Your CMO — Tell Her the Marketo Integration Won’t Be Ready for Another Year!

How To Enrage Your CMO- Tell Her The Marketo Integration Won’t Be Ready for Another Year!

Being a CIO isn’t getting any easier. Cyber security threats are more sophisticated. Cloud migrations are in progress. Every type of as-a-Service offering is making your system, network, processes, and procedures more complicated. And you are facing all these challenges with a constrained budget and overworked resources. 

Telling your CMO that your technical resources are tapped and don’t have any way to support integration will likely serve as the equivalent of lobbing a Molotov cocktail into her office. This insightful Executive Brief brings to light the issues and threats that today’s businesses face as the speed of business continues to increase at lightning speeds. If the old way of doing things isn’t sufficient, a new way must be devised. But that doesn’t mean IT should have to do the integration themselves.

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