Infographic: 5 Reasons to Choose Adeptia Connect

5 Reasons to Choose Adeptia Connect

We often hear from our customers why they prefer Adeptia Connect over other integration solutions. Is it the out-of-the-box capability, ease of use, or reusable connectivity for enterprise integration needs?

What we do and how we do it — it is all developed to deliver an industry-best integration technology.

Adeptia takes the power of “integration” to the next level with a singular vision to simplify hybrid IT integration challenges. It provides unique features to bridge the gap between yesterday’s legacy systems and modern day applications.

Why Customers Choose Adeptia Connect?

We built Adeptia Connect to give the power of out of the box integration to customers for almost every task. It solves real time integration problems in less time, ultimately helping you focus on innovation and driving business forward.

Does it require a lot of manual effort to become easier to work with? Not at all, Adeptia Connect has been tailored with EDI standards and functionalities that empower everyone — business users, developers, admins, and to build workflows for electronic data interchange with partners. It leverages a no-code self service integration approach that reduces customer data onboarding time by 70%.

How does it give more control to IT? The Connect Platform provides a central platform where IT sits in a governance role and business users can handle operational load.

Will it drive down the IT expenditure? With the Connect Platform, you can reduce operational cost by 80% and increase profit margins by 20%. Adeptia Connect provides pre-built connections, repeatable processes, and reusable efficiencies that allow you to transact data faster with partners. 

What about creating an intelligent mesh for connectivity? Adeptia Connect is a comprehensive B2B, application, and data integration solution that scales to address pervasive integration needs. The enterprise class integration solution handles any-to-any integration scenarios where several independent systems run in parallel in a distributed environment.

And, encrypting data at every layer? The solution provides a secure, end-to-end encrypted environment for all data that is transferred and exchanged between partners. With pre-built application connectors, business users can ensure secure electronic data interchange across hybrid IT environments.

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