Infographic: Behold the Infinity Stones of Enterprise Integration

Behold the Infinity Stones of Enterprise Integration

As Avengers Infinity War brings out the big guns on both sides, including the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet powered by the 6 Infinity Stones, the world of IT isn’t far behind.

Enterprises realize the need for a more integrated IT structure, and we have just the right Infinity Gauntlet for it – Adeptia Connect. Adeptia Connect uses its 6 Infinity Stones, or core functionalities, to deliver the very best of Enterprise Integration.

Turn on some metal, as we unfold some unbelievable superpowers you can wield with Adeptia Connect, similar to the Infinity Gauntlet gems. 

1.  Reality Stone (Aether): Allows bearer to alter reality and laws of physics. 

Data Transformation: Changes the metaphysics of the IT world to enable complex data transformations without engineering commands.

2. Soul Stone: Provides route to an idyllic pocket universe. Grants full control over all life forms in the universe. Gives control over all living and dead souls in the universe. 

IT Governance: Gives greater control to IT in a universe where many cloud and on-premise applications coexist. Allows IT to govern and business users to create data connections.  

3. Mind Stone: Enhances bearer’s psionic and mental abilities to access thoughts, ideas, and dreams of others. 

Self Service Integration: Delivers telekinetic self-service integration abilities. Business users can integrate enterprises (hubs) & partners (spokes) and automate 90% of onboarding. 

4. Space Stone (Tesseract): Allows subjects to teleport and travel to any remote part of space.

Data Transportation: Opens gates to teleport data in a multidimensional IT space between different source and target elements. 

5. Power Stone: Boosts physical strength and durability of all energy forms. Grants omnipotence to the users at optimum level. Improves the effect of other five gems. 

Comprehensive Integration Backbone:  Provides industry schemas and API capabilities to lift heavy workloads. Eliminates shadow IT, lowers operational cost by 80%, and aligns business & IT. 

6. Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto): Gives total control over time to user. 

Faster Service Delivery & Go-to-Market Capability: Prebuilt connectors reduce deployment time by 70% and onboard partners in minutes, as opposed to months. 

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