Infographic: Should You Buy or Build Self-Service Integration?

Should You Buy or Build Self-Service Integration?

Self-service integration helps companies empower their business users for creating integrations on-demand without active involvement of IT. By transforming non-technical users into citizen integrators, companies can speed up the data integration process from months to minutes, while IT stays free to focus on governance and control.

Despite a plethora of benefits, a lot of companies are not able to deploy fully-functional self-service integration on time. Most of them suffer from the build vs. buy dilemma, wherein organizations either decide to build their self-service integration solution in-house with their IT resources or buy it from a reliable integration provider.

The dilemma, to build or to buy, is a common integration conundrum faced by leaders around the world. While both choices seem appetizing, our research shows that buying an integration solution offers higher value.

Building vs Buying Self-Service Integration

Many organizations believe that creating a self-service integration platform with competencies like dashboards, pre-built connection templates, AI-mappinglarge file data ingestion etc. only involves creating a few HTML pages, and is simply a case of going from Point A to Point B. According to them, they can accomplish this process in-house with less money and more control.

However, the reality is otherwise. 

Building a self-service integration solution from scratch is a lot more than creating a few HTML pages and a login mechanism. Truth be told, it involves a great deal of effort, time, and technical resources. Plus, the sky-rocketing opportunity costs, high technical debt & deficit, compromised quality, and prolonged development deadlines can make things worse. Over time, scalability issues and dependence on custom code can balloon costs and give rise to an unmanageable collection of uncataloged scripts.

On the other hand, buying a self-service integration solution helps companies streamline their growth initiatives at the speed of business. It helps companies leverage self-service integration to empower their users and deliver value faster without complexity.

See why companies must buy instead of building a self-service integration platform to gain the power, flexibility and scale to move at the speed of success in the digital age — without getting stuck with potential roadblocks or bottlenecks.