Infographic: Compare Data Integration Vendors

Infographic - Vendor Comparison_New

Because of Adeptia’s heritage as a pioneer in Data Integration, people often want to see how Adeptia technology stacks up against other Data Integration Vendors. If that’s what you’re trying to better understand, then this infographic is for you!

But before you jump in, the most important thing to know is that the self-service data integration capabilities that Adeptia offers can be used with your existing data integration products. Chances are, you do not have to re-author any of your existing data integration connections (application, cloud, B2B, API, EDI, hybrid, etc.) in order for Adeptia to provide you the self-service data integration capabilities that will transform and streamline your business.

Of course, if you have any data integration capability gaps, there’s a good chance Adeptia’s built-in data integration and exchange capabilities can meet your needs.

Take a look at the Vendor Comparison infographic to understand how Adeptia stacks up against other classes of data integration providers. We hope to see you in a product demo soon!