Infographic: Choosing a Wrong EDI Integration Solution

Coroners Say Cause of Death Was — Choosing the Wrong EDI Integration Solution

Initial reports have been confirmed that an unidentified individual — being referred to by authorities as Ed I. Doe — was found in the late stages of a failure-induced dis-integration. On his face was frozen an expression of anguished despair, and out of his clenched hands was pried a stack of sweat-stained purchase orders not yet entered into the company’s accounting software. Though foul play has not been ruled out, sources at the scene provided information that pointed towards one fatal mistake as the cause for Ed I. Doe’s pitiful demise.

The following is taken from the official police report based on autopsy findings and his feverish last words scrawled onto an EDI 856 advance ship notice found at the scene.

Download this fun infographic now to help your organization avoid a similar catastrophe.