Product Videos

Product Videos

Adeptia uses a self-service approach to eliminate complexity, thereby reducing integration costs, speeding deployment, and delighting more customers through faster onboarding.

Videos for Demos, Specific Use Cases, Webinars, and More

Watch these videos to learn how Adeptia Connect simplifies IT integration, lowers operational cost, makes you easier to do business with, and helps you reach revenue faster. For better understanding, take a look at our interactive videos related to product demos, specific use cases, and webinars.

Product Demos

Adeptia Connect enables business users create integration patterns for distinct use cases, i.e., application-to-application integration (A2Ai), business-to-business integration (B2Bi), data integration, and more, with industry best practices.

Specific Use Cases

Adeptia Connect can handle a number of data mapping and process designer scenarios without complexity. Take a look at our video tutorials to learn more about the use cases.


Adeptia Connect has a variety of capabilities to offer. Learn more about them through Adeptia webinars, hosted by IT professionals and integration specialists.

Chris Spring

By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.

Chris Spring

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Meadowbrook Insurance Group

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