3 Key Features of a Successful Self-Service Data Integration Strategy

In the age of digital disruption, effective use of business data is essential for organizations to retain their customer base by delivering a delightful customer experience and becoming easier to do business with. A self-service data integration strategy holds the key to this competitive edge.

Self-service data integration is a priority and enterprises are turning toward it for grabbing bigger market share, delivering a delightful customer experience, and becoming easier to do business with.

In this webinar, you will learn about 3 core features of a successful self-service data integration strategy that will help enterprises stand out and gain a competitive edge.

Dive into this free resource to know about the 3 key self-service integration features that will help you sharpen your edge:

  • Business User Capability: Empowers business users to be adept at self-service integration and helps IT save time for more strategic work.
  • Any Data Conversion: Packs a pragmatic large file data ingestion capability that processes multi-GB data in structured and unstructured formats at one single point.
  • IT Governance: Enables IT to assume a drift-to-drive approach for IT governance and business users to augment b2b data connectivity.