How Adeptia Helped Regency Centers Accelerate Revenue with Better Business Data Exchange

One of the key questions facing CIOs while deploying new technologies is “how do we make the technologies to work in tandem to achieve business objectives?” Midsize and large organizations are increasingly concerned as their scripted & hand coded approach to integrate current technologies is expensive, complex and doesn’t scale as per their business needs.

Regency Centers, the nation’s largest shopping center REIT, found that point-to-point integrations entailing complex and unscalable coding are resulting into sub-optimal utilization of the IT infrastructure. Continued support was required to integrate multiple apps and remove communication inefficiencies from its ecosystem, and that’s where Adeptia came in.

Adeptia offered a robust business data exchange solution based no code, self provisioning approach to restrain the cascading effects of technology integration issues.

In this recorded session we will see how Adeptia helped Regency Centers

  • Handle complex, any-to-any integration scenarios with simple, graphical approach
  • Replace knotty application networks with a central enterprise class integration platform
  • Save man-hours, improve operational efficiency, and replace manual effort with automation