Make Business Data Onboarding Better by 10x with Large File Data Ingestion and Streaming

Optimizing your onboarding process to maximize customer retention requires an adept combination of understanding your customers well, capitalizing on their behavioral data, and making tactical use of the data at every step of the process.

Adeptia’s Large File Data Ingestion feature is helping enterprises improve their onboarding procedure to not only meet the unique and ever-changing demands of their customers but also keep customer’s loyalty and product value intact.

Onboarding Turned Faster, Simpler, Better

Adeptia, after carrying an in-depth analysis of present customer onboarding techniques, has come with its one-of-a-kind feature — Large File Data Ingestion and Streaming.

It plays a fundamental role in solving the issue of large, complex data sets, i.e. can efficiently parse, process, transform, deliver mission-critical files sizes ranging from 10s to 100s of GBs in a normalized format. The feature processes data at a much faster pace without relying on complicated special data appliances or specialized custom code, or other expensive techniques.

The parallel ingestion of large data with run time data transformation and streaming feature helps businesses accelerate service delivery, save time & overhead costs, and fast forward revenues.

Benefits of a Well-Orchestrated Customer Data Onboarding Process

  • Curbs churn and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring personalized experiences.
  • Increases customer retention and renewal, both on macro and micro level.
  • Promotes customer engagement, hence faster time-to-revenue.
  • Business operations become smooth and successful, thereby boosting productivity.
  • To learn more, watch our latest Webinar featuring Raman Singh, Head of Presales Engineering, who shares how Adeptia’s large data ingestion and streaming can boost business data onboarding in a faster, simpler, better way.