White Paper

White Paper

Reimagine Your Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Integration is built on old technologies that are falling short of handling the complexity of today. Whether a business uses EDI or APIs, neither of these technologies enable companies to exchange information without relying on expensive IT resources to first build connection protocols, which are difficult to scale and operate by non-technical users.

Trillions of dollars of B2B electronic interchange depends on technologies that are showing their age and ineptness faced with today’s breadth and depth of the 4Vs of data — Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity.

If you can re-imagine your CDI in such a way that new customer onboarding can happen like something Tony Stark might be able to accomplish in his lab — a world without waiting for IT data integration experts, then you could be the superhero your business has been waiting for. Let AI take care of the nasty details of data integration and give your customers and business users the tools they need to establish and grow business relationships.

Integrate customer data 80 percent faster

Secure data exchange enabled with self-service

Maximize value creation with AI-driven data transformation