White Paper

White Paper

Learn How to Reduce Development Time by More Than 60% Through BPI Solutions

LaSalle Solutions White Paper

Overcoming the challenges of supply chain complexities requires successfully addressing several technical issues, such as the creation of communication links, transformation of inbound/outbound data into the proper formats, extracting or loading data in/out of the target databases, harmonization of business processes with external partners, and development of new application functionality designed to support new business processes.

Many early adopters of BPI solutions claim savings of greater than 50 percent when compared to traditional techniques. This report takes a closer look one of them; LaSalle Solutions, a major provider of IT life-cycle asset management services. It was able to reduce development time by over 60 percent using a BPI solution from Adeptia.

This White Paper Will Teach You How To

  • Manage the five phases of the business process lifecycle
  • Support a seamless flow of supply chain information
  • Move to a rapid development, more tightly integrated
  • value chain and achieve the highest level of efficiency
Bernal Schooley

We evaluated other possibilities, but there was no comparison between Adeptia and any of the other solutions. For the type of work we need to do, Adeptia has proven to be a perfect fit.

Bernal Schooley

Director of Application Development, LaSalle Solutions

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