White Paper

White Paper

Manage the 4Vs of Big Data with Large File Data Ingestion

Large File Data Ingestion- A Powerful “Big Data” Solution to Handle Data Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity

The modern business marketplace is data-driven. Data is the core of every organization and empowers them to make better business decisions based on facts, statistical numbers, changing trends, and more.

However, with the rapid growth of data, businesses are facing numerous difficulties to use these extremely large data sets in multiple formats for extracting actionable insights. Unavailability of these insights about market trends, competitor moves, and customer sentiments might have a negative impact on decision-making process, which in turn impacts their business productivity and revenues respectively. Moreover, the additional sum of money, time, and workforce needed to deal with these large data sets can bring the organization down to their knees.

The reason why parsing, processing, transforming, and delivering Big Data is becoming a challenge is because of its four dimensions, the 4 Vs of Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity.

Inefficient techniques for dealing with the 4Vs and their implications can result in information losses and delays, which can lead to a breakdown of enterprise data flows and application flows.

Businesses employ myriad techniques including custom coding, Big Data software solutions, and costly hardware appliances to deal with the complexities of Big Data in order to use it effectively. However, these approaches don’t conform to the expectations of data quality and fail to smoothen the data interpretation process, thus recreating data silos.

Adeptia’s newly developed large file data ingestion feature fixes this problem without compromising on quality and speed. This feature serves as an adept solution for processing multi-GB files with features such as Data Quality Management, Business Data Lake Architecture, Top-down Control Interface, Automated Error Handling Mechanism, Metadata Management, Data Monitoring, and more.

Some benefits of Adeptia’s large file data ingestion feature are:

  • No Manual Coding Required: With pre-packaged templates and drag-and-drop tools to configure applications and integrations, the need for manual coding is eliminated.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Eliminates the requirement of expensive hardware, IT databases, and servers to minimize overhead costs.
  • Improved Delivery: Processes large data volumes in various formats at a faster pace, thereby improving speed and quality of delivery.
  • Immune to Errors: Allows data integrity rules to be applied while processing the data, hence the risks of data distortion are minimum.
  • Increased Security: Unburdens developers from data security risks with its end-to-end encrypted environment.
  • Minimized Latency and Downtimes: Faster processing allows business users to have access to the interpreted data and use it for their businesses.
  • Real-time Data Handling: With up-front simulation and testing features, data can be managed in real time.

Most importantly, this capability allows businesses to deal with the 4Vs of data in a more manageable, available, cost-effective, and persistent manner.

Read this white paper to learn how our large file data handling capability is helping our enterprise level clients in getting better at data exchange and speeding up their service delivery to accelerate revenue realization.

In addition, see the success stories of Adeptia’s clients, such as U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), who have made use of this feature and enjoyed tangible business benefits. To learn more, access this whitepaper by filling the form.