Business Process Management Features

Business Process Management Features


Business Process Management Features

Adeptia Business Process Management offers the functionality needed for a complete Business Process Lifecycle — Model, Automate, and Monitor. BPM features can be segmented into those three categories.


  • Process Modeler is a web-based design and modeling tool to help business analysts easily create and document their business processes in a highly graphical, intuitive way. The designed process can be exported to a PDF format document for sharing and archiving.
  • Process Simulation is a built-in simulation system in the Process Designer. It allows business analysts to apply timing, resource and cost parameters to the designed business process and then run an analysis to identify the bottlenecks and see how the process may be optimized and improved.
  • Rules based Routing allows complex business processes with complex rules to be specified such that routing of workflow tasks and information can be affected automatically in the process flows at run-time.


  • Workflow Automation is available in the Adeptia BPM solution to allow manual human workflow tasks to be automated. This allows business users and process participants to interact with running process flows.
  • Forms Designer capability including easy design of rich, dynamic Web 2.0 forms is included in the Adeptia BPM
  • Portal functionality including management of users and roles and their relationships, permissions based access and secure login access are some of the capabilities included in this solution.
  • Document Management is included in the Adeptia BPM and it allows users to upload and download documents securely and then track documents related to the various instances of the process flows.
  • Web Services in an important capability that is fully supported and included with the Adeptia BPM. Web Services client allows, within any process, an ability to access any web service and exchange data. Web Services provider is also available to expose any business process as a Web Service to other applications.


  • Task Manager is pre-built into this BPM solution to allow business users to see which tasks are waiting for them, their priorities and their due dates. Managers can see the Task Managers of their subordinates and they have the ability to reassign tasks if needed.
  • Activity Monitoring is available to allow users and managers to track the running and completed process flows and tasks as well as view the task queues of the users.
  • Reports and Dashboards are included in the Adeptia BPM to allow creation, generation and delivery of rich reports in various formats based on custom pre-defined templates.

Security and Control of On Premise Application

Adeptia offers this option of licensing Adeptia BPM solution for internal deployment within your environment to ensure confidence, control, security and compliance of having this application under your team’s supervision.