Pre-Built Insurance Accelerators

Pre-Built Insurance Accelerators

Adeptia insurance accelerators directly address carriers’ need for more immediate, more cost efficient results.

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Reduce Time and Costs with Insurance Accelerators

Adeptia insurance accelerators directly address carriers’ need for more immediate, more cost-efficient results. Adeptia’s Accelerators speed up processes, reduce costs, reduce time to market, enable web services, and adapt to changing business scenarios with minimal IT intervention. Pre-built with industry standards and sitting atop Adeptia’s BPM and Integration technology, they bring success faster and easier to carriers facing competitive pressures but constrained by legacy systems, limited IT resources and complex business processes. See all the Adeptia insurance services below:

  • Policy Numbering Service: Generates a unique policy number based on a Line of Business. The service maintains the numbering sequence and allows allocation of reserve numbers for an agent.
  • Polk VIN Service: VIN lookup and VIN correction and verification based on vehicle policy information. Connects to Polk database and finds the VIN information.
  • Equifax Service: Verifies credit score by connecting to Equifax web service. This service is invoked from Underwriter’s portal and brings back the result within seconds.
  • MVR/CLUE Service: Motor vehicle report service invoked from PolicyPlus system for a particular policy.
  • APlus Service: Location risk score service. Underwriters initiate the request from their Policy Administration system by invoking Adeptia’s web service which in turn calls the external Aplus service to get the location risk information for a property.
  • Choicepoint Service: This service would extract the data from Choicepoint database related to Renewals and create and send an XML response back to Duck Creek.
  • ConceptOne to PointIN: This services would connect to ConceptOne and extract Workers Comp data into XML format and load it into CSC PointIN system.
  • FireSafe Service: This service streamlines communication between personal line Policy+ systems and the vendor who provides the company with risk score (fire peril risk assessment).
  • Worker’s Comp Rate Calculation Service: Service is used in extracting and loading of data from POINT IN Data Mirror to three Worker’s Comp Rate Calculation Excel worksheets for policies related to New Business and Endorsements.
  • Claims Inquiry Service: This service returns Claims information for a particular policy from the Claims Plus system.
  • Claims Conversion Service: This service converts Open/Re-open Claims from Point8, PointIN, Phoenix and Vantage into ClaimsPlus system.
  • DMV Reporting Service: This policy extraction service will support reporting of Commercial Auto policy information required from Department of Motor Vehicle for the various state bureaus.
  • HR Integration Service: Integrate Red Carpet with HPW. Red Carpet is the HR On-Boarding system and HPW is the HR Payroll system.
  • Agency Carrier Download Service: Auto and Commercial Property with ACORD AL3 and ACORD XML
  • Location Service: This service sends PPC, BCEGS and Territory data literals and receive back a response containing Location risk scores.
  • Mueller – Coverage Keeper Service: This service hits Mueller to find out risk score of a location based on Coastal Water, Distance to Brush Zone, Flood, Earthquake, MMI factors.
  • Business Owners Policy Conversion: This service moves BOP new business, renewals and endorsements from Coverall to Point8 system.
  • Net Rate Calculation, Self Reporting and Payroll Service: Service extracts Worker’s Comp new business and endorsements from CSC PointIn and applies rules to generate data for Net Rate and Payroll service.
  • Policy Conversion Service: This service moves Policy data from OneBeacon to DuckCreek.
  • Comparative Rater Service: Allows Vertafore to connect to this service and get quotes from the carrier.
Chris Spring

By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.

Chris Spring

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Meadowbrook Insurance Group

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