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Attaining Early Payment Discounts

Adeptia for the retail industry

Sometimes, suppliers of merchandise will offer retailers a discount if they pay an invoice within 10 days instead of 30 days.

Trouble is, meeting that 10-day deadline can pose a challenge for retailers, especially when their invoice processing is not fully automated, as is the case when they’re receiving invoices in multiple formats (EDI and non-EDI) and manually mapping the data for processing within back-end systems.

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Speeding Supplier and Partner Data Integration

Adeptia for the retail industry

Retailers must digitally connect to a complex array of systems managed by suppliers, distributors, logistics providers, business partners, value-added networks (VANs), and managed service providers (MSPs). The EDI format is a standard in retail, but many supplier applications and systems cannot “speak” EDI.

Minimizing Supply Chain Chargebacks

Adeptia for the retail industry

Retailers need a way to assess fines or chargebacks to supply chain partners who don’t meet their commitments. Shipments that arrive late or not at all, invalid advanced shipping notices, damaged shipments, or shipments that go to the wrong location all cost retailers real dollars. Instead of absorbing those costs, retailers can bill their suppliers for the time it took to correct the problem. But that can be difficult or impossible — especially if data from multiple sources has to be correlated.

How Better Business Integration Can Add Efficiency For Retailer Operations

How Better Business Integration Can Add Efficiency For Retailer Operations

Every dollar counts when you are running a business. This shouldn’t come as a new or surprising concept, but given the myriad solutions retailers have at their disposal today, it might be unexpected to learn that technology bottlenecks could be costing retailers millions of dollars when it comes to efficient enterprise business integration.