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Three Ways Data Integration Enables Businesses to Grow Revenue

3 Ways Data Integration Enables Businesses to Grow Revenue

We live in a time in which data integration is the core element of business success for companies in almost any industry. Modernized data integration technology is the key to enabling companies to connect and do business with customers faster, make proper and timely decisions, deliver the value promised to customers, and accelerate revenue growth.

Let us know how modern data integration solutions are helping businesses connect with customers and ultimately create new revenue streams for the business.

Three Ways Modern Data Integration Drives Revenue Growth 

Modern data integration technologies have capabilities like automation and self-service that enable businesses to implement data connections quickly and deliver delightful customer experiences, ultimately increasing revenue. Here are three ways modern data integration solutions enable companies to grow revenue:

1. Speeds Up Customer Onboarding by 80 percent

Self-service-powered data integration technologies enable non-technical business users to onboard new customers up to 80 percent faster. Non-technical users need to click and point through easy-to-navigate screens to implement data onboarding connections in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months. 

When business users connect with customers so quickly, they can address their needs and demands and deliver the value they’ve promised to customers without delay. That fills customers with delight and satisfaction. This gives an upper hand to the company because such happy, satisfied customers are more likely to buy more products or services from the company. And the company is able to create new revenue streams for the business. 

2. Empowers Business Users

As non-technical business users are empowered to implement data connections, the burden laid on IT greatly diminishes. And the speed of data onboarding and related data integration steps increases; what took weeks or months of calendar time will take only minutes or hours now. Because the delays in the operations are almost eliminated, companies can easily do business with customers and meet their needs as quickly as possible. Customers feel positive about the product or service offered by the company, and finally, revenue flows in. At the same time, IT is freed to focus on other priority tasks – driving innovation and growth even more. 

3. Upsells Your Existing Customers

The quality of customer onboarding determines whether business customers stay engaged with the brand and are even likely to expand the relationship or leave unsatisfied and potentially questioning why they signed up with the company in the first place. 

Now, self-service-powered data integration solutions enable companies to speed the customer onboarding process by 80 percent. When companies spend only minutes or hours to onboard their customers, they accelerate the value they’ve promised. That’s because customers do not have to go live on the products or services they’ve purchased. The customers become happy and soon develop trust in the brand. What’s more, these happy customers feel inspired to buy more products/services, ultimately increasing the overall lifetime value of customers. In other words, it becomes easier for companies to upsell these happy customers and add additional services quickly and easily. 

In short, companies that leverage modern, self-service-powered data integration solutions can delight customers and grow the pace of business revenue – easily, quickly, and smartly.