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The 7 Weirdest, Coolest & Creepiest Uses of Big Data Published Last Week

More often than not, I find myself completely blown away by the scope of influence innovative technologies have on pretty much every aspect of modern life. Big Data and its ever-reaching possibilities can, at times, feel both awe-inspiring and terrifying, and I’ve spent the weekend browsing and collecting the most interesting articles related to the influence of data analytics published recently. Some are creepy, some are fun, and all of them are worth a read:

Take-Away: Our Next Great American Road Trip (brought to you by, Genetic Algorithms, Google Maps API, and one Brilliant Beer Aficionado)

Publication: Fast Company Magazine Online
Take-Away: Data Science Can Increase Government Transparency by Tracking and Analyzing Legislation (Sounds Like a Great Idea To Me!)

Take-Away: Somewhat Politically Motivated But Nonetheless Disturbing Suggestion That The US Department of Education Has System In Place to Track Individual Student Ability and Progress

Take-Away: Not Quite As Alarming As The Last, But Still Creepy Explanation of Why and How Colleges Competing With One Another Stalk Prospective Students

Take-Away: Welcome To The Future of Professional Sports: Season Predictions Based On A Mathematical, Sophisticated Projection System

Take-Away: A Super Cool Explanation of How The Future of Urban Planning Lies In Using Modeling That Utilizes Big Data and Looks A Lot Like SimCity

Publication: Forbes Magazine Online
Take-Away: Technically Not A Big Data Use-Case, but Some Fascinating and Mind-Blowing Facts Nonetheless!

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