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Accelerate Revenue Growth with Faster Customer Onboarding

Accelerating Revenue Growth through Faster Customer Onboarding

As you work to improve efficiency and accelerate revenue for your business, there’s one key process you should focus on: business customer onboarding. Because the underlying data integration aspects of new business customer onboarding are increasingly complicated, many companies have simply accepted that the cost of doing business in the age of digital transformation requires time, data integration developer tools, and a small army of data integration developer experts. Some companies have pushed some of this requirement onto their customers by publishing APIs and moving some of the effort outside of their business. But the integration effort is still there — in the value chain, preventing your business from achieve rapid value creation.

Delays in having your new business customers go live and into production also slow down revenue streams. Delaying all of them from going live is more serious. Several other systemic obstructions to revenue are manifest in a business that uses traditional data integration processes when onboarding customers. Read more about those in our eBook on ways to grow revenue with self-service data integration.

Use Self-service to Onboard Customers Faster

Self-service integration accelerates the revenue cycle by enabling your non-technical business users to onboard customers (and implement the required underlying data integration). Some of the more complex steps are pre-built into reusable templates, and machine learning streamlines data-mapping steps. The remaining steps are simplified into a web-based business software application that your business users can employ to onboard new business customers about 80 percent faster than before. That not only gets your customers onboarded much more quickly, it speeds revenue from satisfied customers who are more inclined to want to grow their business with you.

How long is it taking you to onboard new business customers today? How many new business customers are you onboarding this year? What if you could speed the onboarding cycle time by 80 percent?

Depending on your industry and the nature of digitization of your inter-company business processes, you currently may have a multi-month business customer onboarding cycle time with dozens of new customers each year. Or, perhaps it’s just a few days, but you’re onboarding hundreds of new customers each year. In either case, an 80 percent faster cycle time is a compelling reason to consider self-service data integration.

Do the math. Then let us know if you’d like to see a demo.