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Adeptia EBIMS Integrates Lonza AG’s Life Sciences Ecosystem for Enabling Smarter Decisions

Lonza AG delivers State-of-the-art products, services, and research to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science industries. Lonza committed itself to create ‘Business Analytics Global Program’ & refine Smart Information from raw and unintegrated data which can open new avenues in the life sciences ecosystem. The motto of the program was “We are rich in data but very poor in information.” However several integration barriers stood in the way to the success of the program. To address the data processing bottlenecks, Adeptia set up a flexible Business Analytics Model that helped Lonza in building, automating, and integrating data transactions.

Debilitating Barriers to Success of the Business Analytics Global Program

Legacy Systems (Crane to Pick Up a Needle Approach): With conventional legacy systems, Lonza was unable to deal with the data diversity and data anonymization issues. A lightweight technology was needed to enable business users for bringing the data directly into the production line and to make it operational.

Absence of Triggers: Lonza wanted the data users to transform into self-sufficient data consumers who can create and deliver smart information. However, it lacked the triggers to identify the user community and enable them with training and tools for managing business-critical data.

Distinct Integration Issues: Lonza visualized an integration framework called “Standard of Three” approach to access SMART information. Under this approach, three data governance views were needed: master data management, data quality, and data integration.

To support the approach, the organization needed three primary paths for data to travel seamlessly between different points of data governance views:

  • System Integration Path: To integrate data in business systems.
  • Informatics Path: A global statistic platform to extract and analyze bioinformatics data.
  • Publishing Path: Accessing data and publishing it in useful information.

Adeptia EBIMS Suite Provides Rock Solid Support to Business Analytics Global Program

Centralized Data Integration: Adeptia built and integrated the Enterprise Business Integration Management Suite (EBIMS) into the BA Program and delivered ‘Indiscernible, or Unseen Balance’ which enabled Lonza to seamlessly move & manage the data.

Automated Data Transactions: Lonza successfully automated data transactions with EBIMS consisting of Adeptia Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Adeptia Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This dramatically simplified the file transfer and B2B data transactions in real time.

Data Quality Initiative: EBIMS allowed Lonza to audit existing and newly acquired data and provided transparency to users. Adeptia solution helped users to check what is happening “behind the scenes without any technical coding.

Informed Decision Making: Advanced data integration features of the EBIMS tool helped Lonza’s in its mission to extract ‘Smart Information’ from its business systems and take informed decisions. The tool provided a strategic and competitive breakthrough to Lonza in aggregating, validating, and accesing data.

In a nutshell, Adeptia EBIMS gave a strategic control to Lonza in maneuvering and moving the data anywhere across its business ecosystem. The simplified integration solution helped in getting more value of its data and improving productivity. Moreover, the solution enabled a path to support other lean initiatives apart from Business Analytics Global Program.

Know how the EBIMS Suite simplified Lonza’s Path to get smart information in this detailed White Paper.