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Adeptia Employee Profile Series: Abhishek Gupta

Adeptia Employee Profile Series: Abhishek Gupta

Our employee profile series welcomes Abhishek Gupta, a dedicated and cheerful employee of Adeptia. who has carved out a niche for himself with sheer devotion and honesty. 

Working as a Senior Software Engineer within the company’s services division, Abhishek has leveraged his technical acumen and excellent teamwork skills to deliver projects on time. His optimistic outlook has helped him make a mark, professionally and personally. 

Here is Abhishek for you. 

1. What is your role and current job responsibilities at Adeptia?

I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in Adeptia’s services team. My job is to gather and analyze clients’ side requirements and plan as well as execute on the same. I am also responsible for assuring the quality of work, assigning tasks, and reviewing team members’ tasks.

2. How long have you been working in Adeptia’s services team?

I began working at Adeptia in March 2017. That is almost 4 years.

3. What is your most significant accomplishment in Adeptia so far?

The most important part of making clients happy is to be proactive. In my tenure so far, I have single-handedly gathered client requirements, implemented them, and executed go-live production strategies. Moreover, I have been appreciated by the team for ‘Job Well Done’ once.

4. What is a feature of Adeptia’s solution that you’re most excited about or proud of?

Adeptia’s data integration platform can extract data from legacy or modern systems that are not compatible with your infrastructure, transform it into a compatible format, and ultimately load it to the destination system. 

5. If you are asked to choose between Android or iOS, what would it be?

Though both of these are great in their ways, I prefer Android.

6. Can you shed some light on how Adeptia’s culture and ambience motivate you to work?

Adeptia likes to keep its culture friendly and collaborative. It keeps employees motivated either by organizing monthly celebration activities or helpful sessions like stress management. 

7. What are your hobbies?

I love watching news shows, reading books, and listening to music.

8. What’s your top three all-time favorite movies?

  • Bahubali
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Geetha Govindam

9. What do you love the most about working with Adeptia?

I love Adeptia’s friendly yet competitive work culture, flexible timings and leave policies.

10. Do you have anything to share with newly joined Adeptians?

Make sure to stay honest and contribute whenever/wherever possible. Remember, if you have the potential and willingness to learn, then Adeptia is the right place to be.