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Adeptia Employee Profile Series: Ashfaque Ahmad

Our employee profile series welcomes Ashfaque Ahmad, a hardworking and committed employee of Adeptia.

Working for almost a decade in the Adeptia’s IT administration department, Ashfaque has leveraged his excellent technical as well as problem-solving skills to manage, administrate, and support activities associated with the company’s IT infrastructure and network security. His exemplary diligence and optimistic outlook have helped him excel on a professional and personal level. 

Here is Ashfaque for you. 

1. What is your role and current job responsibilities at Adeptia?

I am working as a Team Lead in Adeptia’s IT administration team. My job is to handle Adeptia’s IT infrastructure administration management tasks. Additionally, I manage the company’s hardware and software assets. I also maintain an effective security posture by facilitating network security management. 

My responsibilities include:

  • Handling G-Suite Apps account administration.
  • Managing all security policies (Firewall, Endpoint, and VPN).
  • Resolving network, Wi-Fi and internet issues.
  • Maintaining all types of software installation and configuration.
  • Managing all hardware, laptop, desktop and servers’ issues.
  • Installing and configuring all database servers.

2. How long have you been working in Adeptia’s operations team?

I am working with Adeptia since June 2011.

3. What is your most significant accomplishment in Adeptia so far?

During my journey with Adeptia, I have single-handedly managed issues related to Adeptia’s IT infra-administration, networking, security, hardware, laptop, desktop, servers, and more. I always provide a quick and robust solution to my colleagues for any issue and finish tasks at hand on time.

I consider my dedication and perseverance to provide the best possible solution as my biggest accomplishment. 

4. What is a feature of Adeptia’s solution that you’re most excited about or proud of?

The interface and security of Adeptia Connect are amazing which makes this application stand out. Moreover, Adeptia has set an example in executing the ETL approach and automating data integration process. 

5. If you are asked to choose between Android or iOS, what would it be?

I prefer Android because it’s user-friendly.

6. Can you shed some light on how Adeptia’s culture and ambience motivate you to work?

Adeptia’s challenging work, open culture, flexible timing, and positive working environment always motivate me to work hard and give my best. 

7. What are your hobbies? 

In my leisure time, I love to do mountain biking, watch movies, and enjoy time with my friends.

8. What’s your top three all-time favorite movies?

  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Braveheart

9. What do you love the most about working with Adeptia?

Adeptia’s supportive work culture, leave policies, and flexible timings are really good compared to the market standard. The friendly co-workers and supportive management are Adeptia’s biggest assets. 

10. Do you have anything to share with newly joined Adeptians?

Adeptia has pioneered in the field of ETL and data integration. For an individual who wants to learn more about these cutting-edge technologies and develop professional skills, Adeptia is the right place to be.