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Adeptia Employee Profile Series: Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh’s role in the Product Engineering Teamis highly critical, handling critical operations to improve productlifecycle.In his time at Adeptia, he has handled several key initiatives to address next-generation integration needs. Let’s see that how he converts his challenges into new opportunities.

1. What do you do at Adeptia?

  • Sr. Software Engineer

2.How long have you been working for Adeptia?

  • 4.5 years

3.Given where Adeptia’s main office is, what’s your favorite restaurant in Delhi?

  • Dvar Indian Restaurant: Perfect place to have delicious food with family.

4. How does Adeptia compare to other places you’ve worked in the past? Culture? People? Overall Experience?

  • Adeptia radiates energy of its own, which fosters fun and innovation at work. It is an exciting workplace where you get the feel of home like place.

5.Top Three All-Time Favorite Movies?

  • The Godfather
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • 12 Angry Men

6.Android or iOS?

  • Android

7. Favorite place that you’ve ever visited:

  • Wagah Border

8.What are your fondest memories of your childhood?

  • Hide and Seek

9.How do you work best?

  • I am passionate about my work. I use determination and commitment to get things done with quality.

10.Thing you’re looking forward to the most right now:

  • Continued learning

11.What is a feature of an Adeptia product that you’re most excited about/proud of?

  • Application Security

12.When do you have the most fun at work?

  • Fixing a universal problem which almost every industry fills me with a sense of accomplishment and encourages me to work even more harder.

13. What’s your favorite prank?

  • Calling a colleague and telling him thathe has won a lottery.

14. What do you love about working for Adeptia?

  • Supportive people and learning opportunities in abundance.

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